Annihilation: a movie well done, but only half – Review

Published on Mar 13, 2018

Annihilation (Annihilation), the highly anticipated new film-the original Netflix, was just released yesterday, but has already divided into two viewers: there are those who consider it a master stroke, an excellent sci-fi film and bizarre; and who has not even seen the final because it seems to have fallen asleep before.

You're therefore asking what happened to me, from which side of the fence I would position myself after watching the film with Natalie Portman, here's what I will tell you!

Written and directed by Alex Garland, which he debuted as a director in 2015 with Ex Machina, the original idea of Annihilation but it does not belong to him (despite the fact Garland is also a cartoonist and writer), but it draws inspiration from the homonymous novel written by Jeff VanderMeer.

In fact, it is well to specify that this is not a single book, but the Trilogy, Area X (Annihilation, Authority, Acceptance).

This means that the director has taken inspiration from the idea of the writer, but did not follow with precision the events recounted in the first book; on the contrary, Garland has given a personal interpretation to the novel, cambiadone both the main plot is the final.

Biologist Lena (Natalie Portman), after the return of her husband who is seriously ill from a secret mission, he decides to join a team to venture into Area X, an area that probably has some alien form.

The team has the task of discovering what is there in Area X, what happened to the soldiers and to the members of other missions that have preceded their expedition, and, above all, to understand how to stop this sort of strange and mysterious invasion.

But the Area X hides terrible secrets, and it will not be easy to get out. And who will be released will not be the same person that entered.


The most important element that you do appreciate is definitely the scientific.

Like many sci-fi movies of the last few years, even Annihilation, instead of focusing on the danger of the alien forms from settlers, has focused more on the theoretical explanation of the phenomena of extraterrestrial origin.

Also, the fact that the shipment is made up of five young researchers, separates Annihilation from all those sci-fi movies and the classics, such as Alien, Predator, War of The Worlds, and so on.

The rational explanations of the protagonists are accurate and sensible,... But to define it as a film brainy is really excessive. Interstellar is a brainy, such as the Arrival or Contact, where if you do not follow with meticulous attention every detail, you understand very little about it.

Annihilation, then, is neither too “mind-bending” nor too elaborate; it is simply a serious and rational, with a theory of the bottom well-built that lets you keep a story believable. Nothing sensational, of course, far from what we were expecting having seen the intriguing trailer, but a film that is honest and enjoyable.

As we have said before, there is someone who has very much enjoyed this film and who is bored. Actually, there are various elements that make Annihilation short of exciting, which gave me the impression that the film is a little limited.

First of all, the dialogues are often cold and obvious enough: a little to the fault of the script, a little for the actresses who don't strive so much even if, according to my point of view, it seems not to have been adequately motivated and pushed to the involvement.

In particular, the Portman is the undertone, and it is a real shame because the actress is israeli he can do really much better.

In the second place, the special effects are quite disappointing compared to what that in some way we'd expect, especially if we take into consideration the element that makes the original this film, that is, the discourse of genetic mutations and manipulation of DNA.

For this film there was the possibility of creating living beings, wonderful, have fun with the ideas, with the shapes and colors, but those involved with the special effects you are not committed enough, or the budget dedicated to them was not so consistent. In short, the effects are ugly and fake... so fake!

Let's now talk about the structure of the plot, or the plot. Annihilation is the product of a constant intersection of the flashback.

The film starts from the end, which is all the mission in the Area X is a memory of the protagonist. In the first two minutes we already know who dies and who survives, and this already introduces a lot of tension and interest, even if it keeps alive the curiosity about the events that occurred.

Subsequently, the Annihilation lingers on showing us moments of the married life of the main character (Portman) with her husband (Oscar Isaacs). In a few words, we are faced with flashbacks that interrupt the other flashback.

If at the beginning this “technique” may annoy the viewer, the more it goes on, the more it is appreciated. Personally, I have had the same rewarding feeling when you do a jigsaw puzzle starting from the edges and it goes towards the center, until the image is complete.

Unfortunately, the ending is a bit hasty, and leaves many issues pending, which is a rather frustrating from the moment that the basis of scientific, rational and “explanatory” there is, and it also works very well.

In conclusion, Annihilation is a good movie but that seems to be successful only in half.

By analyzing what I do not so convinced, the film is particularly exciting as you would expect, on the contrary, it can get even boring the audience..

The scientific theory that governs the whole of the plot is solid, credible and, even if you are not extremely elaborate, it works very well and it certainly is not an're sure of a low level.

Sin, however, for all items not paid much attention to the film, as the dialogue is often flat and without soul, and the special effects.

After the credits, you have the unpleasant impression that the director has had a lot of in a hurry to finish his work and the film, of course, has suffered much. Sin!

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