Anna Tatangelo responds to the slur of Italian to Come to me, and is taglientissima


Published on Oct 29, 2019


Not even 24 hours from the time that already get a response. What are we talking about? If you have Come to me in the bet live on the 28th of October 2019 know that Italian was a guest of Caterina Balivo. He spoke about his music, his triumphs, his private life and projects for the future. But between a topic and the other has even mentioned the failure to win in Sanremo, when the triumph was Anna Tatangelo. At this point, in answer to a question of the Bailiff, has launched a beautiful slur to Anna Tatangelo time today on the Radio, and responded.

Yesterday, the Bailiff, talking about the songs that he presented at Sanremo, he asked in Italian if in 2006 you would have expected to win, if maybe you ever think that there was more of Anna Tatangelo victory ( the singer of Sora won with the song to Be a woman for the Women's category)

If I deserve to win, instead of Anna Tatangelo? Oh, guys, it is a thing that you can put together the fish with the caviar. Anyway, yes, deserved to win I ...

From these words we can deduce, therefore, that Italian would be the caviar, while Anna Tatangelo the fish...

This morning from the frequencies of Radio 105, came the answer of Anna Tatangelo:

I won in the category of women with Being A Woman in 2006. [...] I fish and her the caviar? Usually I let things fall. The fish like it at all, but the caviar is disgusting to a lot of people...

For the moment, Dolcenera has not added anything on social, and has not spoken of what had happened. Yesterday she shared stories that her fans had sent, but nothing more. Ends so?

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