Anna Tatangelo ON a Sunday: the love for Gigi d'alessio, but the marriage can wait


Published on Mar 24, 2019


The protagonist of the first part of Sunday 24 march 2019, Anna Tatangelo has talked about his relationship with Gigi d'alessio and of this great love story that has lasted 14 years. Had believed, in short, the crisis would have been, but love wins over everything. And today Anna has spoken with Mara of this great love and what it is today, his relationship with Gigi. A long chat that made with Mara Venier in the study of Rai 1, among the tears and emotions. Obviously too much time for the music Anna has delighted the audience ON Sunday with his beautiful songs, including Girl from the suburbs. Today, Anna is the new serena and she is ready to think about the music, it does so with all the effort that you will put in.

“I suffered a lot due to the lack of credibility of the report. Initially we were judged by everyone and everything, and if after 14 years we are still together maybe it means that a bit of reason, we also had to us...”

A history that has had ups and downs but today, it seems, goes back to swollen sails.

“Initially, there sopportavamo. Then, the idea was born to collaborate artistically, we departed for Australia where we lived in the freedom of the relationship, because nobody recognized the street and no one stopped recognizing every two metres, and talking about talking about... So is born the love”.

And now after this crisis, there will be a wedding in sight? Anna Tatangelo has already explained on several occasions that until some time ago, was believed essential to this step. Now things have changed and there is time to think about it.

And also Mara wanted to tell her about this love story:

“You saw during that dinner, because there were attitudes on the part of other people that I had liked. You saw quite so... Attached to it, and I wanted to protect you. I thought that if Gigi was in love so much you, meant that you were really special. I also believe that you always been very good, patient and tenacious in this story with Gigi, and I think that only a great love, may be able to overcome obstacles”.

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