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Published on Oct 09, 2019


Anime Factory, a label specializing Koch Media Italia in japanese animation, has published the launch trailer of the animated film, Maquia – we Decorate the Morning of the Farewell, with the Flowers as Promised — the first directed by Mari Okada, prolific screenwriter known for series like anohana, Lupin III The Woman Called Fujiko Mine, Toradora! or Vampire Knight.

We can look at it below:


Milan, 9 October 2019 – Maquia, film directing debut of popular scriptwriter Mari Okada will arrive in a few days on home video and Anime Factory, the label owned by Koch Media, which includes the best of the offer Anime, film and home video, is proud to show the trailer launch of the film.

Maquia is a film that will captivate you through the story of human story of two people been left alone in facing the difficulties associated with the growth and the flow of time, against the backdrop of a fascinating fantasy scenario. The launch trailer of the work, aims its spotlight on the history of Maquia.

The film will be available in Limited Edition on DVD and Blu-ray™ and Ultralimited Edition 2 Blu-ray™ October 17, 2019.

The Ultralimited Edition-edition limited and numbered contains:

· A digipack with 2 Blu-ray™: the movie + extra content;
· 3 Special Cards from your collection;
· Special Booklet, 84 pages: the Italian version of the full booklet, original japanese;
· Special Story, 16 pages: a short story that complements the film, written by the same director.

In addition, inside the second Blu-ray™ feature:
· “Making of” documentary HD (22’ approx., Italian subtitles) with interviews to the staff;
· Storyboard video HD.

The inhabitants of Iorph reside away from human settlements, weaving the events of their days, in the fabrics, call Hibiol. The seed ceases to grow about fifteen years of age and live lives pluricentenarie. After the incursion of the army of Mezarte, the young Maquia manages somehow to escape. Thus meets a newborn baby that has lost her parents and with whom he forms a unique relationship that will challenge the passage of time.

A beautiful location is the setting for the relationship between the Maquia, teenage girl who belongs to the long-lived and eternally young breed of Iorph, and Ariel, the human boy, whose fate is the inevitable growth.

The majestic first work was one of the few female directors in the world of japanese animation cinema, enriched by the music maestro Kenji Kawai.

Anime Factory, the launch trailer for Maquia is




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