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Published on Sep 12, 2019


Somewhat in the spirit of Pets 2 and of the Illumination, instead of the pets take centre stage on the big screen birds angry Angry Birds 2 – Enemies Friends forever, the sequel of the successful first chapter of Sony Animation.

Frivolity, entertainment primarily for children and some simple wink to the adults are the main ingredients of this sequel that differs little from the plot of the first, starting from the premise “the enemy of your enemy is your friend”.

After having freed the island of the birds from the invading pigs of the two populations, they discover a common enemy, again, mysterious and of course more dangerous, the island of the eagle, with an eagle leader, Zeta, thirsting for revenge and, above all, of the heat that is forced to live in an island almost completely frozen and would like to temperatures decidedly more tropical like the ones found on the islands of the birds and pigs.

If the sagas as Shrek and Madagascar, the two could and riscrivevano the rules and genres to tell a story that would make you smile and intrattenesse, even the smallest, but that didn't forget the adults, even them to be held in the first floor, the Angry Birds 2 does the longer wheelbase of the leg, in fact it is cautious and plays everything on the value of team play (we could say “no man is an island” to stay in theme) and on a succession of gags too much anchored to the present and to the technology, as for this film born from a video game property for the smartphone, do not forget.

From one hand, therefore, the extreme physicality slipstick of the animation reminds of the Looney Toones, and on the other a simple story simple so that the children in the audience not to lose the thread. But the adults, if they can smile for the musical quotations apt to Dawsons''s Creek or even the sequences that make the Mission Impossible to the nth wink film slightly end in itself, could be a bit annoy.

The new entry, Silver, sister of Chuck, represents the emancipation of women, a theme that is very current, here analysed through a nerd early from inventions quirky, but winning. The new entry “squatting”, however, the three chicks, is batuffolosa and tender but at the same time, also here an end in itself, almost an appendix at the end fits in with the adventure of the protagonists, just like Scrat and his acorn in the saga of the Ice age, here the three chicks and the eggs that continue to lose and not be able to recover.

Thurop Van Orman, and John Rice will then decide for their debut to pay homage to the film with the camera and mix elements from the spy story to other adventure movie, making fun of the two genres is not so much for the action scenes, but for those heart-pounding last second, and through the devices that do of the pigs, who are totally useless and dangerous, rather than decisive and functional. Are placed even speed dating to update everything to today. What is lacking is the atmosphere in-game that had characterised the first film (let's not forget the fact that it is taken from a game) is here limited to some sequences on the island of the eagles to save the situation and the world... once again.

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