Angelina Jolie, the beautiful diva who doesn't love personal hygiene


Published on Mar 30, 2020


Angelina Jolie, an icon of beauty and elegance, the face of the home, cosmetics and fragrances of Guerlain, as reported by the journal Star, it would not be a lover of personal hygiene. It is very difficult to believe, seeing the sophistication of the Hollywood diva, but an anonymous source at her very close, has reported some of the details a little uplifting on the cleaning of the former Lara Croft.

According to the source, Angelina Jolie would go a week without washing, wearing everyday the same clothes, of course, with the smell revolting, moreover, it seems that you brush your teeth once a day and you smoke it in bed, letting them fall wherever the ashes without bother in the slightest. These details make you think that the “mole” is a household employee, you are probably very sorely tested by the bad habits of the actress.

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Even Brad Pitt, husband of Jolie, is known not to be a fanatic in personal hygiene, in fact it would almost never be in the shower, to her, to say, to preserve the water reserves of the planet, relying on the simple wipes for children. In this case, it was the same Angelina to disclose such embarrassing details, and the children had begun to call him “dad puzzone”.

Use a little soap, and even less deodorant seems to be a growing trend in Hollywood among the stars accused of being a little clean and fragrant are also Gwyneth Paltrow, Russell Crowe, Matthew McCounaghey, Julia Roberts, Shia LeBeouf, Cameron Diaz, Megan Fox, Johnny Depp, Vanessa Paradis, Robert Pattinson. This last one about the use of the shampoo would have said: “I don't see the problem in not washing your hair... If you do not mind if your hair is clean or not then why would you want to wash them? It is not as if I'm cleaning my apartment because I don't care. I have the apartment to sleep and I have my hair just to keep them on the head. I don't care if they are clean or not.”

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