Angel (Buffy), Boom! Studios announces new comic series


Published on Apr 10, 2019


Surprise announcement for the american publishing house, which already publishes the comics of Buffy The vampire Slayer.

With a notice of just a week the publishing house Boom! Studios surprisingly announced the publication of a new comic series dedicated to Angel, a character created by Joss Whedon and David Greenwalt in 1997 for the tv series Buffy The vampire Slayer, and later the protagonist of a serial.

The number zero in the series written by Bryan Edward Hill (Postal, Batman) and illustrated by Gleb Melnikov (Go Go Power Rangers) will be available in comics stores american from April 17, the same day of the release of the fourth number of the new regular series of Buffy, also published by Boom! Studios.

An unusual move for the market of the comics, accustomed to pre-orders of the much more wide, that the Vice-President of Marketing alien battleship Singh has explained it thus: “In an increasingly digital world, it is more difficult than ever to create a true surprise to the concrete level. And in a world such as this is even more essential to create enthusiasm in the comics, because they are the lifeblood of the industry — so we wanted to do something with a brand to the global level that could bring new readers into comic shops.”

The series will have respect for the fans of the show, updating it to 2019, and adding new flesh to the fire so as to surprise long-time fans of. You will explore the interpersonal relationships, even sentimental, Angel with characters (even unpublished), human and not: when you live for so long, explains the screenwriter, have you made many friends and many enemies, you have lost many people and have found other.

Source: PW


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