Android devices have less crashes compared to iPhone


Published on May 19, 2017


iPhone or Android, there are always applications that cause some bug, or some crash of the operating system. It is always a question of software and in this field there is no perfection. A new report, however, tells us that the Android smartphone recorded fewer crashes compared to iOS devices...

According to the study State of the Mobile Device Performance for the first quarter of 2017, the number of mobile devices in a crash is increased compared to the same period a year ago, on both iOS that on Android. In both cases, however, Android is more reliable compared to iOS:

To calculate the reliability of the devices, is compared to the so-called “failure rate“, a term that refers to devices that have performance issues and system crashes. The data were collected on millions of iOS and Android devices in North America, Europe and Asia.

From these data, it appears that the failure rate of Android devices is 50%, while on iOS devices you get to 68%. From the tests, it turns out that the app is blocking nearly three times more on the mobile iOS compared to Android devices. Also, on the iPhone are also logged more overheating problems (3%), and the bad connection of the GPS (0.5%).

In addition to the crash of the app on Android smartphone have been issues recorded performance (10%), weak (6%) and to malfunction of the camera (3%).

As you can see from the table in another, removed, the crash of the app, on the Android cars are generally more problems to the device level. However, this is an important fact, of which Apple should be taken into account as concerns the management of the third app, which often crashano on iOS.

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