Android customization #5 – FORBIDDEN COLOURS!

Published on Jul 17, 2018

The Android customization is a topic that almost always comes in the eternal struggle (that is to say, editor's note) among the supporters of the operating system of the robot green or of the bitten apple. The software ecosystem iOS product to the Apple brand allows you, in fact, going to change a few details of the user interface, while on products on board with Android, we can really have some fun unleashing our imagination, making it a truly unique smartphone.

The book dedicated to customizing the Android, now arrived at the fifth appointment, enables us to give an overview on the best advice to make the best app and your imagination to create your ideal phone, at least from the point of view of the graphical interface. Using the best Android launcher, best app wallpapers Android and other applications, we will guide you step by step in the realization of a unique combination of colors and lines, with a single goal in mind: to be able to give you the satisfaction of being able to say:”I did This!” whenever you look at the home screen of your smartphone.

In this fifth episode of the book we show how to realize an effective targeting in a simple way, using KWGT to build the necessary widgets to our intention and by using a style achromatic, i.e. without color.

To make our customization we will need the following items:

NOVA LAUNCHER is one of the best Android launcher available on the Play Store. Its merit is to be able to install this simple launcher on your smartphone and you have tens of options for customization, totally free. There is also a key that you can purchase that unlock the more advanced functions,: we have bought the full version but you can easily use the free version for this customization.

Resplash is one of the best apps for wallpapers Android, with hundreds of wallpapers and wallpaper high-quality that we can use to complete the customization of our Android smartphone. Every day, many backgrounds very high quality to personalize your smartphone!

KWGT is the engine that is the basis of our customizations, and the software can give us a lot of satisfaction once you overcome the stumbling block of the initial learning. Thanks to it we can create or use hundreds of widgets pre-configured, high-quality, or edit them to our liking.

Achromatic KWGT is a package of widgets for KWGT which is the absence of color its philosophy: the end result is very elegant and satisfactory, especially if we'll be able to pair this widget with a white background/black ad-hoc.

A customization is not complete without a background, which has to show the fruit of our labor. We can find many backgrounds on the Internet, or even here to download a app wallpapers Android from the Play Store, such as, for example InsWall, with hundreds of backgrounds that are optimized for our smartphone Android.

Finally, the last key ingredient, is a package of icons. We can find dozens of free, and each week the Google store offers many on offer, or to download for free. In this episode, we recommend WHICONS, a package icons completely free of charge, where the icons are completely white, perfect to show the contrast that is with our elegant style and colourless..

You just have to watch the video on customizing the Android lesson #5 and learn how to make the same user interface on your Android smartphone. As always for any doubt or question there is the comment box below!


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