Andrea Rinaldi didn't make it and died at 19 years of age


Published on May 11, 2020


There is good news, Andrea Rinaldi, didn't make it. Of a few minutes ago. The young footballer of the Atalanta on loan to Legnano, has died at the age of 19 years. The boy was hospitalized in the department of Resuscitation due to a brain aneurysm that struck while he was engaged in a training the individual in their own home. After the malaise felt in the house, have come to you for assistance: the ride to the hospital of Varese, but it was quickly realized, unfortunately, that the situation was very serious. Just this morning, after being admitted Friday, they arrived the news about an aggravation of his situation. And, unfortunately, a few minutes ago the news of the death.

Still can't believe that all this could happen the people who had heard shortly before that same evil. There have been many testimonies in the last hour. All the people who have wished well to Andrea Rinaldi and have cheered for him.

"A guy that all they love and who you love," says John Cusatis, coach of Legnano in the interview to the Province of Como.

And again we read about the Eco di Bergamo, another witness. "We felt a few days ago, as usual I call all the kids once a week, in this period, to feel like they are. She was well – said Cusatis – “Mister, it found me in time because I'm going to do the training down in the garden,” he said. Phone calls are a way to stay close to the boys, in this time of difficulty for all. I like to feel like they are their mentally, if you are a good family, if no one has problems Covid. We joked and we had a general chat, as between the athlete and the coach. I did not have mentioned any kind of problem, she was smiling".

In the next few hours probably will come more news about what happened in the hospital in the last hour.

To be part of our editorial condolences to the family of Andrea.

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