Andrea Ippoliti confesses on Ofmore: by the end of the story, with Zoe's feelings for Nathaly Caldonazzo


Published on Nov 24, 2019


In the issue of the magazine Ofmore on sale this week you can read a long interview with Andrea Ippoliti one of the protagonists of the last edition of Temptation Island VIP. The ex-boyfriend of Nathaly Caldonazzo has been criticized for what has been his attitude in the journey of the feelings, in particular for its approach to Zoe. Not only for the fact that the beautiful temptress had so many years younger than him, but because Andrea, who had joined in the reality from the boyfriend, he was pushing a lot more than. Today, almost three months away from the end of it all, Ippoliti says its from the weekly Ofmore. He speaks of his relationship with Zoe, his relationship nonexistent with Nathaly, and also of what happened with his ex-wife that in the course of the reality show had commented on some of his attitudes.

Here is what he said Ippoliti in her interview

With Nathaly now, I no longer feel, no longer wants to know me, but one day I hope to clarify, because a woman who deserves all my respect. Also, Zoe does not attend more, we went out together for a while, but I knew that inside me I must first go via the figure of Nathaly. Also, we are too far apart due to age.

And still:

During the reality with Zoe and I went too far. I was angry because Nathaly had attitudes too confidential with its tempting discrediting our relationship and sminuendomi. I lost the head and I ended up in the arms of Zoe, which distracted me in a time of confusion and sadness. This was not right for Nathaly, because she doesn't deserve to be treated so, that I loved deeply. Was not right for Zoe, because I admit that I have attended in part out of spite. Not just for my children, because the father had to moderate my behavior, but I was dazed.

He then also spoke of his ex-wife saying that he had imposed to choose between Nathaly and her children, who then had been abandoned by the boys. But Instagram also explains that he never spoke of his marriage as something infernal.

This week on more. Seeing that I was unfairly maligned, not only remains for me to answer even if I don't understand why say such attitudes are accurate also you never stated (I WANT to RECOVER the RELATIONSHIP WITH NATHALY), but has been inserted without my knowledge by the journalists so as I never said my life with you was hell.#answers#lemieverità #bastacattiverie #seratealternative

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