Andrea Denver tells it all: from special friendship with Lady love Anna Wolf


Published on May 06, 2020


In a long interview to Novella 2000, Andrea Denver, one of the candidates, the most beloved of the fourth edition of Big Brother VIP tells you. He explains how he found success in the Usa, as today is his life and also speaks of the great love of his life, Anna Wolf. Unfortunately, Anna and Andrea were like many lovers at the time should stay away and for their reunification will certainly be more complicated since she is currently located in the United States. It is not like going from Verona to Milan was perfect! Despite this, the love that withstands even though the two are not seen now since December...

In his interview for News 2020, Andrea explains that her life has changed a lot from when he met his current girlfriend, Anna Wolf

I was courted by a lot of women in my life, but after having met Anna, everything changed. We met in December 2016, during an art exhibition in Miami, and revised, then, to April 2018. In that moment she discovered that I was Italian. I liked very much right from the start and I spent the whole evening talking with her and I took the opportunity to invite her to lunch the day after. When Anna ordered the pasta and I eat the bread like a good Italian, I really lost the head for her! We started dating and, when she moved from Miami to New York, everything was much easier. We have a great relationship with parents, by both parties, and we always try to arrange a meeting between our families

Many argue that Andrea had a fling with Madonna. In this regard, in his interview to Novella 2000, the model explains:

I remember one morning, while I was engaged in a photo shoot, my cell phone began to receive notifications to burst. Madonna had posted a photo of me on his promo Instagram, leaving a comment eloquently on my abs, four emoticons in the shape of a heart and even a tag. From that moment on, he began to follow me. An indescribable emotion when, after two weeks, contacted me privately and asked me to participate in his music video clip Bitch I m Madonna. With her I have a beautiful relationship of friendship, we met at some event, we fans frequently. This is such a good person. I really like the binding and the way in which the family lives. We have often talked about how beautiful it would be if it were organized a concert at the Arena of Verona. It would be a unique show

Only good friends then, nothing more!

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