Andrea Damante, he confesses, “Without the Giulia I would not have ever made”


Published on Apr 20, 2020


The pair discussed the moment he decided to go out also on the social, after clues and paparazzi spots. Giulia De Lellis and Andrea Damante, in fact, are officially back together and are passing the quarantine in the town of Pomezia in the house of the influencer. “I'm with my girl, her brother, her friend, her mom. Fortunately, because for 50 days alone I would not have made it. They are in beautiful company,” said Damante live Instagram.

The dj veronese has also hinted that, despite all the past of the couple, including many betrayals on his part, then became material for the book, The horns are good on everything. But I was better off without Giulia, and also the relationships with other people after the break up, the two were reunited and they realized that their love was still present and was stronger than any other thing.

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The decision to get back together with Damante has done to trigger the social against the De Lellis, accused of being false. In fact, after the publication of the book, which had also aroused the discontent of the “Lady”, which had asserted that many of the contents were exaggerated and emphasized, the influencers has been featured in many tv lounges in which he had categorically excluded the possibility of return, together, to Andrea.

After having painted as a manipulator anaffettivo, has caused quite a stir with his decision to get back together, the influencer has, therefore, decided to silence the criticism, stating that you have not forgotten what happened, but to be very grown and matured in the meantime: “This book is a truth passed, things that are successful put helping not only myself, but many other people. But what is the state remains to be part, in a book, as in this case, or in the mind.”

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