Andrea Cerioli and Alessandra Sgolastra are together? That's what happened after Temptation Island Vip

Published on Oct 11, 2018

Temptation Island Vip has made a flirting between Andrea Cerioli and Alessandra Sgolastra. Here's what happened between the two after the program. Triangle Andrea Zenga-Alessandra Sgolastra-Andrea Cerioli

One of the couples present to " Temptation Island Vip to test their love was the one formed by Andrea Zenga and Alessandra Sgolastra. If initially it seemed that the couple had problems but it was still strong in the second half of the course is success something totally unexpected.

Alessandra is closer to the tempter Andrea Cerioli and embarked on a flirtation clear. In fact, the two often sought to evade the cameras and the microphones. The consequence of this relationship was the breaking of the engagement between the Sgolastra and Zenga.

In the special episode of the Men and Women dedicated to what happened after Temptation Island Vip could finally find out how things really. Andrea Zenga and Alessandra Sgolastra are not back together.

He said he had been too disappointed by the behavior of Alessandra. On the other hand, she says to try, still something for him, but at the same time you are hearing with Andrea Cerioli. The latter is expressed to know his version of things. These are his declarations:

I don't like a lot of his behavior, also because I don't like the nail drives out nail. However, she asked the time, I'm giving you and then you will see.

The reaction of the former Andrea Zenga has been slow to arrive:

If you had left what would you do with him? Are you feeling lonely because I left, or I'd put the horns after?

Surely the girl has not made a fine figure in the studio, so much so that the opinion leaders and the public were unanimous in criticizing his behavior.

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