And then there's Cattelan. For 18 new evenings sano cazzeggio intelligent

Published on Jan 28, 2016

The secret of the show in the late evening Sky is there to complete. A working group of twenty people that moves ‘like a pack’ in the palace, and now, a lot more, even outside, always ready to put in the foot of new games, jokes, and skits with the guest of turn. Everywhere.
The“Nightmare” of employees, as well when you move, strictly all together, even just for a coffee, greet each other with a ‘No, not here, not now’, to then be inevitably involved.
Be part of a group, when you're in the third year of a show that works and get up again the bar on the ground of the folly in giving free rein to the fantasies, your and of the guests, so many and so big*, is one of the reasons of the success of this production. Why is it that cohesion and ability to move with perfect synchrony that allow it – technically and physically – even the freedom of action and creation which founded the rhythm of a good late night show.
And then there's Cattelan. Conductor and author.
The recording of the first episode, which turns on the lights, as a year ago, with Cesare Cremonini – that offers something new in the video – and provides a moment of musical fun-loving even with Max Pezzali, Cattelan as the anxiety of the inauguration. “But it is only a written nice on a sweatshirt why you have doing this the transmission is impossible: it is all pure fun”. The audience is loyal and growing (bringing the show to the ‘promotion’ 18-nights) because it is fun and they have fun guests, actively involved in the ‘raids’ of Cattelan and members. To understand it – they are right – the best way is to immerse yourself in the atmosphere. That is the usual, but in a renewed space. Less ‘immersive’, more traditional. To have the audience in front and not all around it was a requirement of my own, and also their. My for greater agility in their movements. Them because the people who were behind the times, he saw the nape of my neck for a couple of hours. Of course, to rethink the positioning of the audience, it means rethinking the entire space. More space to do more things and even more people in more space. The audience ‘in the room’ grows up and is to house, asking to leave the chair, to follow Cattelan live.

Fullscreen01/04 And then there is Cattelan (in a studio all new)02/04 And then there is Cattelan - ©Jule Hering03/04 The new studies And then there is Cattealn04/04 Alessandro Cattealn with the Street Clerks, the band that marks the time of the late night show Sky

The italians are hungry for the late show, love the american ones but from us, the tradition is little, and, excluding the formula of the talk pure, to Costanzo, is fragile. “What we are doing is a format. In America there are three big late, all airing at the same time, and all ‘equal’ in the format. The difference is made by the team and the conductor,” he reiterates, Alessandro Cattelan. Must be the union of intent. And, to be honest, it is so even to a party. A question of harmony. And of lightness. “Raising slogans and rhetoric from the things”. The phrase jumps out talking about the king, now retired, of the late show, David Letterman, one that has been able to cope with live, in front of all your scandal, double, and private. Proof that you “Can do anything, if approached in the right way”. But, above all, the test of ability, gentle and ironic, not to be thought of above the others, not wanting to seem more intelligent to others. It is a distinctive feature also of a good run, a stretch that Cattelan has is when it remains a step backwards, to ‘thin’ the action, on the stage of the X Factor, leaving essentially the scene to the boys, to the judges and to the game, both when it is ‘the bomber’ in the study of her show of the night, which brings “” its name.
The show starts tonight, at 23.15, on Sky One HD.

*Cesare Cremonini, Max Pezzali, Carlo Verdone, Antonio Albanese, Roberta Vinci, Marco Giallini, Valerio Mastandrea, Zerocalcare, Claudio Santamaria...


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