And’ storm on the former pupil of Friends: it offends and humiliates the fans minors on social. Now apologizes


Published on Apr 24, 2020


We make a premise, in this article you will not find any video reference to what happened yesterday. For two reasons: because there are several minors involved, and then because the more you share these images, most of the girls are the victims of what happened will be able to see each other again, and maybe feel bad.

Now the facts: a former pupil of Friends, which is hard to recognize for what it is today on social, a lot more cheeky by the singer scared that we met in the final of the Channel 5, during a direct on Instagram that has offended and humiliated its fans. Today on the profile of this former student of Friends, Daniel, has over 340 thousand followers, but it seems that in the last hours has lost some fans. We point out the number of people who follow him to make you understand then that will appeal to a wide audience, not just a few close friends.

Daniel in a direct ( that among other things he was doing with his sister (a minor) has started to offend the fans that were connected with him in a direct way. To a girl who asked the singer how it was, he responded, “If we don't eat, we feel very good”. All responses that alluded to the fact that the girl had a few pounds more.

Unfortunately, children, as we well know, they use also the wrong of the social that can become extremely dangerous. The face of this innocent fans of the singer of Friends is finished in thousands and thousands of screen shot. But the offenses are not finished. Confirming once again the fact that the girl it was for him to plump ( you see only the face of a person in a direct with a camera pointed in front of the face, but our hero had already realized that she had in front of a girl for him fat), added: “it Has never happened that some time you ate your mother?”, and she mortified him, and he replied, “Why what?”. Seeing the video in reality it seemed that the girl was so happy to talk live with his idol and at the beginning included not even the tenor of the jokes that was receiving. He even asked what hobbies he had, as well as to eat...

The last pearl has given then when a girl came in live by accessing the light of his room, and he exclaimed, “Oh my God rispegni.” humiliating to the young girl immediately ended the direct.

Here is on the social, yesterday it broke out a veritable storm against the guy that did not understand immediately the gravity of his actions, otherwise the apology would be made immediately, not after hours. In any case, he apologized ( even if many accuse him of having done so only because he was losing followers). We allow ourselves to send a message to parents: you should stand more at the side of your children when they use the phone because yesterday, if there was a mother live with the daughter, would certainly have known what to answer the boy, and the thing would not have ended up on a chat Instagram, but in the right venue.

Many influencers in these hours are spent in defense of the fans of this singer, trying to throw the right message. We renew the invitation to the parents, it is only right that the boys and the girls to move the first steps in this world, but with due caution. Better to avoid direct and this kind of things that are difficult to manage, especially because on the internet some of the indelible traces.

The question of the direct social, among other things, is slipping away really out of hand and we should avoid that our children will end up in unpleasant situations such as those in which the young girls that followed this singer, are to be found.

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