‘And’ betrothed...’: The tronista Mara Fasone teases Maria De Filippi?

Published on Oct 18, 2018

It seems that the tronista Mara Fasone is betrothed, according to some reporting. But the sicilian woman he defends himself and says his

The Throne of Mara Fasone Men and Women, you may have a short life. The reason for this? It seems that someone has told you that it's still in good terms with her ex-boyfriend, but she denies it.

In the last recording of the Throne Classic was Mara Fasone, in spite of the protagonist. The recording took place on the 17th of October 2018. During the recording, it emerged that the parents of the girl are still as if nothing had her ex-boyfriend.

The report was made by the columnist Gianni Sperti, who wanted a clear clarification of tronista. Mara, as told by News the U&D, has revealed in no uncertain terms that his parents are against his participation in the program of Maria De Filippi.

When they come to Rome, where Mara is staying at the moment in the residence, his parents also frequent the ex-boyfriend of the young woman, who lives in the Capital. He apparently liked very much to the parents, but she ensures that between them there are feelings more of the time.

All the revelations that Luigi Mastroianni, seemed to already know. And it is exactly for this reason that he abandoned his path to return to the suitor. Mara the new Sara Affi Fella? A situation that does not seem to annoy John, one of the suitors favourite of tronista.

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