Ancelliero gives victory and three points to the Luino-Maccagno. Defeated 1-0 the Cas Sacconago

Published on Mar 06, 2017

Three fundamental points are those earned by the Luino-Maccagno yesterday afternoon, against a team of all respect as the Cas Sacconago. The guys of De Berardinis they defeated the bustocchi 1-0 thanks to a goal in the first half of Ancelliero, who has realized a penalty. Thanks to the results of the other games He and teammates can be more determined and optimistic to fight for the salvation. It will be important to continue on this team in the direct clashes. Ancelliero gives victory and three points to the Luino-Maccagno. Luino is presented in the field without Ahmed and Roman, lined up with a 442 and mister De Berardinis, to face a team of high ranking as the Cas Sacconago. The match immediately starts with a beautiful attitude on the part of the luinesi, despite the rain had scored since the first minute of the game. It makes the expenses immediately captain Iorfida, who leaves in the fifth minute replaced by Borsani. But are the hosts to the tenth to be dangerous with Cannucciari: Carroll dribbles Manssianga in the midfield passes the ball to the right wing, which, after having passed the Great, and shoots a shot that ends up a little to the side. Same fate for the ball shot from a Danioni from outside the area on the edge of the Castiglione. The ground game is heavy and Massianga is stopped by a counterattack from a puddle that blocks his advance. But it is deep Valley to show off in the first fraction for the beautiful locks of the defensive and for possession of the ball with the head up high, like on the 23rd: drop-down on the wing, jumps Great, but it is inaccurate to pull off to the side. The 31st still Luino: Beaver is the gate, behind the visiting defence, but the first (do not get on the ball and then Ancelliero pulls out from difficult position. Always She is on show, with a beautiful ball recovered in the mid -, she sees (which, however, is closed by the rear guard. The Cas Sacconago fatigue, but at the 35th Grampa's Old man and his wife, that locks without problems. When you least expect it, however, when the time expires, the game changes: Panarese extends Ancelliero in the area and the referee whistles the penalty without hesitation. On the diskette you submit the bomber luinesi that scores with coldness, and in spite of Ferni her side. The Cas receives the shock, and before the interval is still Ancelliero, after an exchange between Carroll and Cannucciari, to pull the ball just over the crossbar. You must be so in the locker room on the advantage of the Luino-Maccagno for a 1-0 win, a fair result for what we saw on the field. The second time. Atos tries to change the cards on the table to return on the field of play, by entering Agrello instead of Manssianga. Guests will get to see in a forward, attacking, but the defence luino area led by Vigezzi and Arioli, you get it ready by closing all the spaces. De Berardinis opt for Square instead of Bosetti, covering the bands and moving to a more conservative 352, to block the advanced of the guests on the bands. The Cas Sacconago holds the ball of the game, and is struggling, however, to be dangerous, indeed it is the Luino on the counterattack to create several opportunities for goal, always with Ancelliero. A little bit of fear for Arioli around the 65th, after taking a hit from Grampa. The central pivot of De Berardinis return to the field. Juncture very spezzattato, with numerous calls on the part of the whistle. The 76esimo is the young Iozzino to replace a Cannucciari, exhausted, after a great show on the strip, such as that of Lucchini that is able to contain the talent of Agrello, a true thorn in the side of the luinesi in the second half. The guests, a little stressed from the disadvantage and from the awareness of losing an important match, and remain in the ten to 85’, after a quarrel between the Walloon and Danioni. The forward guest is ejected from Carrozzo for a double yellow card, yellow for the defender luino area. Expelled is also a director of the Cas Sacconago. The 90th is Diana foiling on the first post, the potential draw after a blow to the head of Panarese. Six minutes of stoppage time, match infinity, said an executive from luino area sitting on the bench. In the recovery is the Luino to complain about a whistle failure on the part of the arbitrator, when the Raiser is spread in the area. The overturning of the front and is the Cas Sacconago to tap the draw: the Vecchietti is a miraculous shot of Ciocia, the ball comes to Panarese, but it is easy Vigezzi foiling the opportunity to network, ball on the feet of Azimonti that in unbelief, the general shoots high over the bar. After a round of endless, comes a huge win for the Blucerchiati and his companions, who return to conquer the three points between the walls of friends, after several months of abstinence. Thanks to the results of the direct opponents to salvation, the Luino-Maccagno retrieves points, appaiandosi to the Robur Saronno, six lengths from the quiet area of classification. Will be important the next few weeks, where the direct clashes will say a lot about the fate of the season. “We deserved this victory after so much suffering, " explains mister luino area Andrea De Berardinis -. In the first half, we could be more cynical in front of goal, but the important thing is to have won the three points. It was a great test of all, including Vallone, Beaver, Cannucciari, Lucchini, and Ancelliero. Simone has sacrificed much, and also contains the best Agrello, that has changed a bit’ cards on the table in the second time. Next Sunday we play against the Gerenzanese, we need to prepare the top of the game. The value of the victory of today would have the most weight if vincessimo in the next day to take advantage of the second home round in a row. This week alleneremo a lot, with enthusiasm, hoping to confirm this and win another three points”. Luino Maccagno:Vecchietti, Arioli, Diana, Vallone, Vigezzi, Lucchini, Cannucciari (76' Iozzino), Carroll, Ancelliero, Bosetti (54' Square), Follis (86' Raiser). Available: De Giorgi, Faraj, Old. All. De Berardinis. Cas Sacconago: Ferni, Panarese, Large, Ciocia, Iorfida (9' Borsani), King, Grampa, Azimonti, Danioni, Castiglioni (59' Cavaleri), Manssianga (46' Agrello). Available: Melchiorre, Armiraglio, Bongini, Dugnani. Coach: Cau. The 23rd day of the tournament In the First Category, Lombardia. Antoniana – Valceresio Audax 2-2, Belfortese – Viggiù 6-0, Gerenzanese – Vanzaghellese 0-1, Gorla Maggiore – Union the Three Valleys, 1-1, Luino, Maccagno – Cas Sacconago 1-0, Mozzatese – Arsaghese 0-1, Saronno Robur – Fagnano 0-9, Solbiatese – Guanzatese 0-2 Ranking in the First Category of Lombardia (Group A): Guanzatese 54, Valceresio Audax 48, Belfortese 47, Fagnano, Gorla Maggiore and Arsaghese 41, Cas Sacconago* 36, Anthony and Vanzaghellese 30, Solbiatese and Union the Three Valleys 23, Mozzatese 21, Viggiù, 20, Luino-Maccagno and Saronno Robur 17, Gerenzanese 13. (* game, ** two fewer games)

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