Ancelliero an illusion, but the Luino-Maccagno falls in Guanzate against the league leaders

Published on Feb 09, 2017

Fails the enterprise to the Luino-Maccagno, yesterday evening, on the field leaders Guanzatese that is set up for 3-1. To give some hope to the visitors, in the second time, he had been Ancelliero shortening the distances, but nothing could luinesi against one of the teams in better shape in the championship and that is still unbeaten in the head of the standings of Group In the First Category, Lombardia. Ancelliero an illusion, but the Luino-Maccagno falls in Guanzate against the league leaders. A Luino-Maccagno in the great emergency is the one that was presented yesterday evening on the field of Guanzatese, between unavailable and injured players. Predictably, the match starts immediately at the sign of the owners of the house with Locatelli, Girola and Zaffaroni stepping forward, trying to conclusion several times, but without precision. At the 13th, however, it is precisely Locatelli to take advantage of her, in the process of finalising a cross Girola, for the goal that is l’1-0. The 26th is Attributed to foil the double of como, with a beautiful parade after a free-kick. The Luino effort to move forward and build the game with difficulty, by showing in progress only with Ancelliero a time, launched from the Raiser, but the home defence clears without problems. The Guanzatese has another chance with Brambilla on the developments of a kick from standstill, but it is the Luino with Fusco to get an equalizer before the interval: Cannucciari sees the companion in tow, turns and pulls, but the extreme defender Marco para with ease. You go to sleep with the boys of Leek in the lead. The second time. To return to the field in Luino part with the most attitude and try and win Of Marco with Ancelliero and Raiser, but it is still Locatelli to give joy to his with a shot from the edge of the area before threading Vecchietti kisses the pole. 2-0 for the Guanzatese. The Luino-Maccagno, as against Fagnano, the pinch, and on more than one occasion is likely to collapse. But it is Ancelliero, shortly after, back in the game: Diana down on the left, crosses it, and it is easy the bomber luino area to be ready and to put the opposing defence for the goal that it is worth the 2-1. Salt Luino, but does not create other scoring, and so the owners of the house return to attack by finding the 3-1 with Lamanna, after a beautiful shot on the fly. The luino area, have facts prepared, after some protests for a lineout whistled against them. The match ends like this, without any particular further surprises, except for a shot of Carroll blocked by Marco in the dip on the left side. “We tried to play the even game, against the strongest team in the league, still unbeaten, " explains mister luino area at the end of the race. Saw the many absence, I have tried several solutions and I have to say that I have had good results. The boys have sacrificed a lot, especially on the bands with Cannucciari and Diana. We tried to contain their advanced, retrieve the balls and start a counter attack. Often, however, we make errors in the reconstruction phase of the game, and disengagement. Also in the phrasing and in the last step we need to improve, but it is important to continue to grow at the level of character, with more bite and determination. These are the essential characteristics for a team that wants to be saved, to fill all their gaps. Compared to last Sunday, however, I can say to be satisfied. I saw a sign of recovery”. On Sunday, He and his companions will be engaged in the road game against the Arsaghese, without the captain and Arioli out for disqualification, but with the recovery of Roman, Vigezzi and Square. Guanzatese: Marco, Miscellini (58' Sanfilippo), Sarra, Brambilla, Gerosa, Marinoni (66' Spotti), Sagnella, Locatelli, Girola (80' Amadeo), Lamanna, Smith. Available: Beneggi, Pirotta, Tarsia, Clerics. All. Leek. Luino: Vecchietti, Cannucciari, Diana, Vallone, Arioli, Lucchini (63' El Amiri), Ahmed, Carroll, Ancelliero, Raiser (73' Bosetti), Fusco (82' Follis'). Available: De Giorgi. All. De Berardinis. The recovery of the 16th day of the tournament In the First Category, Lombardia. Guanzatese – Luino Maccagno 3-1, Anthony – Gorla Maggiore (march 1), Cas Sacconago – Saronno Robur 7-1, Fagnano – Arsaghese 1-1, Solbiatese – Gerenzanese 1-1, Belfortese – Mozzatese 4-0, Viggiù – Union the Three Valleys, 1-3, Vanzaghellese – Valceresio Audax 1-1. The ranking of the First Category, Lombardia (Group A): Guanzatese* 44, Belfortese 40, Valceresio Audax* 35, Cas Sacconago** and Fagnano 32, Gorla Maggiore* and Arsaghese** 30, Vanzaghellese 24, Anthony* 22, Solbiatese 20, Viggiù, Mozzatese* and Union of the Three Valleys** 17, Saronno Robur 16, Luino-Maccagno* 13, Gerenzanese 11. (* game, ** two fewer games) (Thanks for the photo robert Carroll)

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