An internal document reveals the Viewer AR to Apple?


Published on Apr 21, 2017


An internal document leaked in these hours provide some clues about a possible viewer AR that Apple is reportedly testing in its laboratories. The subject document reports on the injury of the work occurred inside the campus.

Gizmodo refers to have achieved this internal document which lists incidents in the workplace that have occurred in the last few months on campus, Apple. This report would have been sent incorrectly to hundreds of Apple employees, and not just a few leaders selected as by practice; for this reason, its content has been spread online.

The report lists more than 70 incidents, some very curious and unusual (there is one who has been invested in electric cars that need to move on campus, or who has cooked with the oven in the canteen) and others who provide us with many clues about possible future products of the company.

The document refers to the accidents occurred in the months of February and march, and two of these relate to injuries to the eyes, the two employees who were testing a new type of glasses: “The user has recommended to conduct a further study after having had a disorder in the eyes, and she's said to be able to see the flash laser at different points of the lens during the test.” And again: “The employee reported pain in the eyes after working with a new prototype, and this suggests that these problems can be associated with its use. The employee has noticed that the security seal had been broken, and he thought that the unit may have been tampered with“.

According to the source who sent this document to Gizmodo, the prototype mentioned in the documents it would be a new viewer AR that Apple is reportedly developing in its laboratories, and that could be presented in 2018.

Among the other incidents curious, is there anyone who is hurt with the Apple Pencil, or who injured his knee during a session of skis to test some of the features of Apple Watch




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