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Published on Jan 17, 2019


Coconino Press begins its 2019 proposing two of the most prized works of Jiro Taniguchi already belonging to his catalogue, that the “detective story” The missing Girl – you can find our review of the previous edition HERE – and the thoughtful An interesting Sky.

The new editions boast a new look with cover new, also a revision of the translation by Vincenzo Filosa. Review necessary taking into account that any step is too woody, as it has been highlighted in the review cited above.

An interesting Sky begins with a terrible accident: Kazuhiro, the father of a family, 42-year-old, and the young motorcyclist Takuya collide on a hot summer night. The ride to the hospital is useless, they both end up in a coma, and after a few days, the man dies while Takuya wakes up but, in reality, his body now houses the consciousness of Kazuhiro!

Disoriented and restless because of this incredible circumstance " begins to observe the lives of the young Takuya while it takes courage to meet up again with the wife and the small daughter in the hope of giving them a last greeting: the conscience, the memory of Takuya is slowly surfacing.

As the days go by, in fact, the two protagonists begin to discuss bringing to the surface a submerged that highlights the shortcomings of their respective lives, lives seemingly ordinary in their disagreements and difficulties, but above all their “secrets”: from one side the parents of Takuya and his stubborn girl Kaori, on the other, Kazuhiro overwhelmed by a job that was trying to physically how to find a wife.

When both the consciences and come to terms with the respective screw may then be discharged with Takuya that it will resume its life is more serene and less angry, and Kazuhiro, who will have greeted the wife and daughter not keeping them is no secret, and with a last unexpected gift.

Jiro Taniguchi-makes a story intimate, personal, sometimes painful, in which the two protagonists are inevitably forced to take a look “from the outside” to their life that is seemingly ordinary, but not without cracks. And it is here that the sensei creeps widening the perspective of his narrative from singular to general.

On one hand, there is one of the issues most controversial in the japanese company or the work culture exhausting and depersonalizing while on the other there is that of the incommunicability, the closure of which results in pathologies and phenomena that are documented as one of the hikkikomori.

In this the two protagonists – the mass in the second floor reading purely romantic/dream of the story – are complementary and catalysts of a reflection that it regains and then only in the final chapters that the size is intimate and personal and that is concretized in the idea of the extreme richness of personal relationships, of feelings and of life in general, and that this should not be wasted because it is too short.

From the graphic point of view, She is less focused on anatomy, with some of the boards more stylized than usual, while it is peculiar to the work done in the construction of the tables, especially in the first half of the book that corresponds to the phase of “disorientation” of Kazuhiro in his new body. Here the sensei prefers panes vertical, spezzettando the table in many smaller panels arranged in an apparent disorder that increases the sense of anxiety of the protagonist. In the course of the chapters, the verticality gives way to a horizontality that seems to want to finally put on the same plane as the two protagonists by making them acquire a clearer perspective of their lives.

An interesting Sky is an intimate story that will please readers of Taniguchi's most thoughtful but it is also recommended to those who, while not chewing on neither the manga nor the sensei, appreciate this kind of atmosphere and narratives, there is also space to other latitudes with variations of different, albeit similar.

This new edition Coconino Press is for format identical to the previous one, a solid column with the paper thick and rough. Indeed it is evident in the revision phase of the translation that is sliding in all her steps, wanting to find the proverbial hair in the egg, the adaptation could be cared for in a less colloquial in some of the passages, pranks that do not affect the reading is clear. Also noteworthy is the post-faction signed by the same sensei Taniguchi that can be opened to provide the reader with an unprecedented look at the inspiration behind this work.

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