An easter egg of the Goonies has always been under our eyes in Jurassic Park?

Published on Nov 08, 2017

At a distance of 25 years, The Goonies and Jurassic Park hide still secrets? Here are the references to the films of Richard Donner tracked down by a fan

In these hours, in the network, you are doing a lot of talk about a easter egg de The Goonies inserted in Jurassic Park, discovered by a fan named Shawn Robare at a distance of 25 years from the arrival of the film jurassic in cinemas.

In fact, it seems that Steven Spielberg wanted to pay homage to the films of Richard Donner's 1985, making the wear the character of Dennis Nedry (Wayne Knight) some of the dresses seen in the wardrobe of Mikey, Mouth and Chunk in The Goonies.

You can take a look at the tweet viral Robare below (which, in fact, suggests something more than a coincidence):

Guys, GUYS, is Dennis Nedry homaging the Goonies Jurassic Park?!? #stephenspielberg #goonies #jurassicpark #dennisnedry

— Shawn Robare (@ShawnRobare) 2 November 2017

We still don't know if it's really a coincidence or a real homage to the film, kept hidden till now, but, probably, soon we'll find out from the mouth of Spielberg (or from the costume designer of the film) once the news has reached his ears.


It would be really exciting to find that, after all these years, there are still “hidden secrets” in the films that have marked our childhood, don't you think?

What do you think? Do you think it is just a coincidence? Please let us know via a comment below!


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