An artist recreates Disney characters as Pokémon trainers


Published on Jan 01, 2018


A French artist known as Pavlover on Deviantart has experienced a viral spread of his designs after many of these Disney themed Princess were posted in a gallery that has already racked up over 100,000 views.

Each drawing portrays a Disney Princess other than as coach of the Pokémon in the style of Ken Sugimori, along with a team of six Pokémon that share a sort of connection or theme that is shared with the princess.

It is obvious that the artist has a love for both the Pokémon and for Disney. For example, Ariel de The little Mermaid has a bag Flounder and a headband with the symbol of a Pokéball on it, and has a team of Primarina (a Pokémon that shares more of a resemblance to a mermaid), Starmie, Vaporeon, Krabby (Sebastian, of course), Wingull and Horsea.

Merida of Brave has a team of three Teddiursa (his three brothers), an Ursaring, a Mudsdale and the archer Pokémon Decidueye. And Tiana de the Princess and the Frog has three different Pokémon, similar to a frog, a couple of Pokémon alligators, and a single Pokémon that is reminiscent of the fireflies. Also, Rapunzel has a perfect team, with a Kecleon and the Treecko that replace Pascal, a Tangela, and a Mega Ampharos to show off her long hair and Smeargle and Sunflora represent different aspects of his personality.

You can see all the work of Pavlover on DeviantArt, and vote to decide which Disney character the artist should convert in a trainer's Pokémon! You can also decide to commission a design.

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