An artbook for As after the Rain Jun Mayuzuki


Published on Dec 31, 2017


On February 9, 2018 Shogakukan will publish an artbook dedicated to the seinen manga Like after the rain (Koi has Ameagari no You ni) - Jun Mayuzuki.

The volume will collect in 96 pages is not only the color illustrations for the covers of the volumes, the title pages of the chapters and the covers of magazines, but also those that the author has published on the blog and on Twitter. A section of the volume, moreover, is dedicated to the animated series to the starting line and will present a collection of preparatory material and interviews with the cast and staff.

The cost is 1700 Yen (13 Euros at the current exchange rate.

Koi has Ameagari no You ni debuted on the 27th June 2014 within the Monthly Big Comic Spirits, a monthly which has hosted up to 27 November 2015 18 January 2016, the series moved on the weekly Big Comic Spirits, and at the moment it consists of 9 volumes.

The manga has been nominated at the ninth edition of the prize, Taisho and was ranked at the fourth place of the edition 2016 of the guide Kono Manga ga Sugoi! (This manga is amazing!) published by Takarajimasha.

The series will be transposed into a live action film.

In Italy it is published by Edizioni Star Comics.

Between the artbook of which we have spoken in these days, there are those of Requiem of the Rose King, Evangelion and One Piece.

An artbook for As after the Rain Jun Mayuzuki is




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