An afternoon in the hotel with Elena Moral

Published on May 03, 2016

Sunday, 12.20 – Central Station

Amphibians, a jeans clear, glasses sun vintage, which is very seventy – are also from vista, it will tell me shortly after that, Elena, cross the square in front of the station, and climbs into the car on the fly.
Zero parking; I was turning round and round for ten minutes.
“Hello, pleasure!”
Me a helping hand. Wet. It's raining outside, that I miss in Norway – it is cold.
Of course we are late. The guys in the team are waiting for us.
In the background, the Arctic Monkeys. The rain on the windshield. The glass misted.
And then she. Blonde, long hair, collected, no make-up.
The first thing I notice is a beautiful voice, very sweet.
For the rest, a cute girl, simple, on a rainy Sunday morning in bologna.
The Moral that you expect, which I expected, is a blonde doll, all curves, which arrives on the heels, in something very tight.
Instead, I find myself in the car this teen -twenty-five years, that without makeup seem to be seventeen - with a voice as sweet and of the ways of doing of the good girl. Simple, kind.
It is clear that I have not understood a dick (on the other hand to me always says my mom).
Elena works in Milan – this is where you record state of Colorado – but continues to live in Bergamo, his hometown. “I'm not a metropolis, I. Milan, I hate it!”
Returned the night before from a cruise in Spain.
“It's one thing to work. I do the interviews during the poker tournaments, on the ships”.
“Come on, that's cool. Do you have fun?”
“No, a great boredom. It rained all the time!”
“Ah, Here It Is”.
In fact.
It is hard fight for parking. I give up and I'm going to put in a mega garage – two hours that I have to pay as the mortgage payment. Amen.
The Hotel Corona D'oro, who is hosting us, on the other hand is a beautiful four star hotel in the city centre. Via Oberdan.
At the reception waiting for us.
“Are Davide Ambroggio”
“Please, we were waiting for. His colleagues are already on”
Suite 105
Pussy. Classic, elegant. Marble and velvet everywhere. In the living room, in the entrance, there are Rossano – the make-up artist - Nik, my Hair stylist and Stephen, the stylist – who is actually a stylist and designs lingerie for one of the brands most luxurious in the world – and for the record, is as crazy as a horse.
“All men, today!”
Elena smiles and sits down on the stool. Men do not care about.
Ross is ready for makeup. Products loss d’ eye on the coffee table.
The guys, like me, are in a good mood.
She, kind, sweet, he is available and says “thank you” for everything.
Big eyes, high cheekbones, full lips, long hair, blonde.
A face strong with a makeup or hairstyle wrong, it's easy to become aggressive.
Ross and Nik, however, have studied and work on the soft colors; light spots and lips natural. The hair collected in the first look; then we will melt in the next.
When Elena goes to get changed in the bathroom, we exchange a look. There we are.
The usual case bluetooth does its job in the background; Joris Delacroix.
She emerges from the bathroom with a body of black lace, transparent and a dressing gown long. High heels and a necklace. The hair collected in a bun.
So it is really true: removed the jeans, and the large mesh, there is a girl with a stunning body, the showgirl of the Chiambretti night, The pupa and the nerd, Colorado... Killer body.
It is a part.
Corridor. Curtains. Velvet. Wallpaper. Luxury Lingerie.
It is a cutting fashion and that's okay.
Elena leaned against the wall.
Then on the bed, a slight backlight on the perfect forms. Very hot.
And again, between the curtains. A tank top transparent molded body. Then on the couch, topless. A white body becomes a high-waisted shorts. Sexy. The loose hair.
It is easier, when shooting with pussies of fear – Elena Moral is part of the category.
In two hours we make a couple of changes, and keep to ourselves, but at 16 is still all over.
Outside, the sky continued to spit water. We collect the “circus” and risistemiamo a bit of room.
After eating something together, me and Nik leave Elena in the station.
We say goodbye with a hug and the desire to meet again, maybe, in the future.
A train to Bergamo.
A page for the diary.

Photos & texts: Davide Ambroggio
model: Elena Moral
Styling: Stefano Mencarelli
Make up: Rossano Fasano
Hair: Nik D'amico @ Loft Hair Stylists
Location: Hotel Corona D'oro, Bologna

Jewelry: THE Ant
Lingerie: La Perla (


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