An activation problem iMessage is going to cause big charges to the users


Published on Dec 15, 2017


It already happened a few weeks ago, but the phenomenon is repeating itself. There are numerous users that are contacting in our support chat to ask for help regarding the charges for the activation of iMessage, which, however, do not go to a good end.

Basically, to activate iMessage, the Apple system includes the sending of a number of foreign (usually English) that is priced according to your phone plan (usually costs 0,30€). The problem that you are experiencing in these hours to a number of users, concerns the activation of iMessage that failed, but also of the repeated attempts to auto-activation on the part of iOS. For this reason, users are receiving charges rather substantial and without justification.

A phone call to the operator, it is reported that the problem is with Apple. By calling Apple, it is responded that the service runs smoothly and that the fault is attributable to the operator.

In short, each blames the other. We have received more than 10 reports in the support chat a little space, other reports via email and others in our group Telegram. We don't know how many people are affected by this bug, for sure, “a few” at the national level but still “not so few”. From the data we have collected through the reports, the operator is most interested in seems to be Vodafone and could there enter into the triangulation, i.e. the fact of being recently passed from one operator to another while retaining their number.

For the moment, safe and working 100% there is, but you can always turn off iMessage and FaceTime in order to avoid additional charges. We look forward to further updates that we will not hesitate to tell you. In the meantime, we propose that suggests to Apple. Let us know if you solve the problem:

To use iMessage or FaceTime, you must perform the activation on the iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. If you receive an error message during activation, please follow this procedure.

When you activate iMessage or FaceTime, you may receive one of the following messages:

For the activation of iMessage and FaceTime may be necessary to wait up to 24 hours. If the problem lasts more than 24 hours, follow this procedure:

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