American Horror Story Cult – 7×02 “Don't Be Afraid of the Dark” | Review


Published on Sep 15, 2017


This seventh season of American Horror Story, now in its second week, is confirmation of an appointment you have to wait with curiosity, and perhaps had not happened since the time of the Murder House. The merits of the crime rather than the horror at the heart of the story: all the clues seem to say to viewers that Ally (Sarah Paulson) is not crazy and has visions, but that someone is trying to make it so, first of all, in the eyes of his wife Ivy (Alison Pill), and of the son, Oz (Cooper Dodson). The tension is palpable, but not for the clowns and the “holes” – another obsession of Ally – but for the destructive escalation that seems to have slipped the woman, that reach the first important implication of the dramatic. And this is what really makes the terror seeing this season: fear is what leads to people do?

If in the last episode Winter (Billie Lourd) asked Ozzie which of the two was his “real” mom (i.e. the one that gave birth), in this episode, through a simple action – a hug – and a simple phrase – “I want Mom” – is revealed to us indirectly that the same is Ivy. Look at the case that stable of the pair. And Winter does not seem to be the only “helper” of Kai (Evan Peters). In this episode we do, in fact, the knowledge of the new neighbors house Ally, Ivy, and Oz, wonderfully played by Leslie Grossman ("Popular") and Billy Eichner (Difficult People). Not only is it clear how the couple, not the stories right from the first shot, but the two are also functional for the emergence of a theme of the poster and the teaser so far released for the Cult.

The passion of Harrison are the bees, as industrious, and each with a unique purpose in a hive that is full of holes), while Meadow has passed a skin cancer, and can not stay more than ten minutes at a time under the sun or the return of the melanomas. They spend a lot of time in the house then, where Harrison has a large stock of weapons, for personal safety and “because they have something phallic”. He is gay and she does not like to be touched after the disease, so you are married to the classical promise of “if we are still single at 35 years of age”, being great friends ever since.

The two characters that only the team of Ryan Murphy could create, that we viewers are led to love and at the same time fear. Are in fact the authors of the video where Kai is done deliberately beat up (provoking, but that's not seen in the video) a group of men of Latin origin, to have his fine service to the tg and to apply to the city council “to make a difference”. The couple of neighbors, nosy, and far too kind, remember the Jessica Lange Murder House, and allows for the emergence of the theme of safety in the home, weapons, immigration, terrorism in a single blow. It is this that was lacking from the cycle's inaugural American Horror Story: the fierce social criticism through the horror.

And’ emblematic sequence in which Kai, almost a girl scout, knocks at the door of Ally's to collect votes for their election, and the two speak through the bars that the woman has made to install on the doors and windows of the house for greater security. She who is about to be more open and tolerant towards others. She now also owns a weapon, without that Ivy knows it. She is going to use the gun at the end of the episode – through the bars – against Pedro, an employee of the restaurant, the two women manage and that he had a fight with the chef, then mysteriously killed. Crime and horror are mixed seamlessly in this story of horror american, and never a title was more suitable for a tv series as this season.

The episode ends with the jump the shark to Ally: has killed or just hit Pedro? Waiting to find out, the next episode is titled “Neighbors form Hell”: we will see the beautiful... or ugly, depending on your point of view. Surely we will see a frightening.

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