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Published on Sep 08, 2017


If there is one thing which will remember the american presidential election of 2016 is the media focus of the world of show business against what was then the elected president, Donald Trump. Not the world of the show, but for the most part. It is therefore interesting to note how a tv series is not enough in itself openly against Trump, basing its entire plot on just a kind of propaganda.

If there is one thing Ryan Murphy knows how to do well is reinvent itself. After you have created a cult with only the first season of American Horror Story, having focused more on the aesthetics in the next five years by mixing various levels of the supernatural, already with Roanoke had baffled the most faithful audience by showing a horror minimalist mocking the true crime television. Now, with American Horror Story: Cult uses the pretext of the presidential election between Trump and Hillary to show the decay of contemporary society, and how, at times, the political passion, if exasperated (like any passion, for that matter), leads to madness and obsession.

Fishing cast the old and the new of the productions of the Murphyverse, Sarah Paulson, and Alison Pill, and interpret Ally and Ivy, a gay couple married ten year old son who is worried to see the injured of their rights now that it has been elected as the Trump. Ally, who has a past of phobias, so as to be in the care of a psychiatrist (Cheyenne Jackson), has a relapse from their own folly, and with her, the viewer is called to question what he sees, whether it is reality or a figment of his imagination. His greatest fear are clowns – who always sees while they perform a sexual act, or want to kill them – then I would not be surprised that to be revealed beyond the trauma that has caused this phobia has to do with Twisty, the Clown of the fourth season in a more or less direct. Just Twisty for now it is back in the form of comics history that law, the son of the couple, Oz.

Given that there is no supernatural in this story (the creators had said), apart from the “visions” of the Ally, Murphy and Falchuck, who wrote the episode, they inserted the item of the clown, an emblem of horror, thanks to (or fault of) IT by Stephen King, which looks the case this month, will land with its first film adaptation in theaters.

Of course, we wanted a counterparty trumpiana of the story, and this is crazy Kai (Evan Peters), and Winter (Billie Lourd), from delusions may self-harm and totally subjugated to his brother. Even though she has to pause their studies to participate actively in the campaign of Hillary and then remained became discouraged by the result, and you agree to work for Kai and, joining in the family of Ivy and Ally as a babysitter of small Oz. Which pro Kai wants it in there?

This seventh season looks more like a psychological thriller, a crime-hued horror for which the viewer wants to get to the truth. There are many questions that unleash this premiere of season: Because of the people dressed as clowns – the same that Ally has seen but nobody believed them – they killed brutally the neighbors of the couple? The small Oz if he is really fictional, influenced by the fears of the mother? That Kai is a sort of “cult” (the cult of the title and the promotional campaign of the season)?

Trick simple yet effective to put now not only a lot of irons in the fire, but, above all, to instill curiosity in seeing the next episodes, something that in recent years the tv series the anthology was not always able to do. A critique and a reflection of the society that was missing from the first season, reminding us again that masterpiece that is American Beauty.

With American Horror Story Cult the award-winning firm Murphy-Falchuck, then, seems to want to tell us that you do not need to go to search in the supernatural or in inventions, the most perverse of the human mind, just look at current events to realize that the horror, the real and most frightening of all, is inside our house, or in that of our neighbours.

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