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Published on Apr 25, 2019


The second season of American Gods is beginning to enter the final stage: the sixth episode, to Give the Great, added another small (but important and interesting) fragments of the great mosaic that is the world of the series, making it known to the spectators, even the son of Odin, Donar, and studying the psychology of the God himself, his contentious relationship with his son (which could prove critical also to understand better in the near future, the report of Wednesday's Shadow) as well as the situation of the Old Gods before the outbreak of the Second World War.

It's time now to finally discover, with the seventh episode of Treasure of the Sun, the true potential of Mad Sweeney in the series, as well as the concrete development of the war between the New and the Old gods, now at the door with a return to the ancient splendour of the spear of Odin, Gugnir. What will be the next developments? And how will they react to the balance of the two factions, after the outbreak of really war?


We tresure of the Sun, as it already happened in the first season, is an episode entirely focused on Mad Sweeney: even if in the background we find Laura, who asks the council to Mama-Ji temple on the potion of the voodoo ritual capable of returning to life, the events of the episode revolve around the God of the irish, present since the very first episode of the first season to the next Wednesday. Going through and rediscovering, thanks to the memories and the comparison with Bilquis, Salim and Mr. Ibis, his past king, and the glory of God of the ancient lineage of the irish Túatha Dé Danann , Mad Sweeney (and with him the audience) includes, finally, his goal, rediscovering himself, reasoning on the bond with Odin, and finally, inevitably, in the end, the fate of his and also that of the spear Gugnir, which is entrusted earlier from the same Wednesday to Shadow.


The episode, like many after the premiere expands, expands and fully envelops the viewer with a unique theme for carrier, slowing down the narrative, but still exciting thanks to the continuous discoveries, never too explicit and always surprising, with regard to the protagonists of the series leading to the public, but never “analyzed” at the bottom). This time, American Gods decided to focus (after the episode of the first season, all centered around the arrival of the Leprechaun in America) from a different perspective and with a full characterization of the psychological (and not only) folk, as previously happened) on the emblematic figure of the Mad Sweeney, the role of which, at least until now, was never well defined. All of his actions begin to make sense in the eyes of the viewer, as well as his attitude mocking, his life is disorderly and his presence in the faction of the Old Gods, containing also a bitter wisdom that contains perhaps the great moral of the whole the world created by Neil Gaiman; the unexpected development of the plot in this episode, then, may change substantially not only the fate of Sweeney, but also that of Laura, Wednesday, and of the same Shadow.

With a focus direct on Mad Sweeney among history, folklore, and a lot of psychology, the second season of American Gods offers once again an episode that, narratively speaking, adds little to the main story (but, we repeat, is a feature of the whole series, given the limited original material given by Neil Gaiman, which, wisely managed, would not, perhaps, allowed the development of a series into multiple seasons), but entertains the spectator with a pathos and a magic fairy-tale is unique in the television landscape, as well as with a quality content out of the ordinary. Each episode is a dive only to the incredible world of American Gods, and, as said many times, the real strength of the series lies here, that in the course of the narrative the main. Another good opportunity to fully enjoy the series, with a shot of the final scene which can only add value to the entire episode, as well as give that jolt to the season, which the previous episodes we had patiently prepared.


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