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Published on Apr 16, 2019


After the episodes of “stalling” that followed the exciting premiere, The Ways of the Dead, the fifth episode of the second season of American Gods, it may be finally been the starting point for the take-off definitive new textures, Shadow always more independent and ready to prove its potential.

The confrontation with death has in fact liberated, also by the combination of which seemed inseparable from his ex-wife the late Laura (which, however, from the confrontation with death is even more empty and lost than before). For the increasingly close relationship between Laura and Mad Sweeney, therefore, and especially to the new potential of the Shadow and the mission to which he could push, that defend people of color, have always marginalized, so dear also to Mr. Nancy and Bilquis), we expect to Offer the Great is a big turning point for American Gods 2.

What will be the new position of the Shadow within the pantheon of the Old Gods? And what will be the new structure of the New Gods, however, after the total absence in the last episode and the final scene of the Technical Boy?


Like old times, in this sixth episode, the protagonists of the return to be substantially Shadow and Mr. Wednesday, this time in the journey to reach the dwarf Dvalin to make him repair the spear Gungnir, causing it to return to its maximum potential, also thanks to the engraving of some runes. Joints in a shopping centre, the new “stronghold” of the dwarves, and Shadow and Wednesday will have to come up with a bizarre strategy to take possession of the jacket of Lou Reed, the only “artifact” that can provide the nano the right power to be able to engrave the runes.

And while the two protagonists expect to get available Gungnir back to her full glory, in the mind of Odin (also solicited by the questions of the Shadow) is the space of the memory of the son to Give the Great, the very one who has broken the spear of the father of all the Gods.


The finale of The Ways of the Dead had opened the roads to Shadow in the pantheon of the gods, but to Give the Great, restores the hierarchies presenting to us again, at least initially, the protagonist is traveling with Mr. Wednesday, a situation already seen many times in the course of the series. From the first trips of the two around America in search of old gods to recruit, however, many things have happened, and has changed the perception of Shadow and its awareness toward the events in which he is involved.

And all the episode to play on this, on the awareness that needs to have Shadow in the stand alongside Odin for the imminent war that is about to burst. For this, the protagonist is bound to Donar son of Odin, whose end was tragic: playing with flashback, and presenting also the context in which Wednesday, Mr. Nancy, and the other Old Gods they were in the past, before the audience could meet them, is told the story of Donar, his relationship with the father and his rejection of a fate from the gods to chase the desire to live a normal life, “human”.

An interesting addition to the presentation of Mr. Wednesday just before the outbreak of the Second World War, to the guide in a strange cabaret full of gods: in the course of the season will surely find space for in-depth issues here only mentioned, as the relationship with the Nazis and, above all, with Technical Boy.

Give the Great as the other episodes after the premiere, adds other small (but important and interesting) fragments of the great mosaic that is the world of American Gods, and, in spite of the writers are “pulling up” to the maximum waiting for the outbreak of the war between the two factions, every episode, including this one, the sixth, is enjoyable and beautifully made. This time, the one to benefit is the psychology of Odin, and his relationship with Shadow, which is maybe seen as that son years before it is removed permanently from him.

With a realization of directing flawless, a characterization of the exemplary magic and fun, definitely all the viewers can enjoy episode after episode of this second season, despite the fact that, after the premiere was nothing short of perfect, the narrative proceeds rather slowly. As has been said, however, this brings benefit to a number of secondary elements, which, most likely, are the best part of American Gods.

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