American Gods 2×04: The Greatest Story Ever Told | Review


Published on Apr 02, 2019


In Muninn, after being freed from the prison of the New Gods-Shadow, under the watchful eye of Mr. Wednesday (busy in the meantime, together with Laura, to make a visit to the Argo ,the Old God survived in a new guise thanks to the help of the New Gods and finish their service) is able to be reunited with him by Mr. Ibis, having, however, obtained during the trip (also thanks to the encounter with Sam Black Crow) interesting to discover his true identity. The public has had the opportunity to know also, finally, the New Media version of the “updated” of the old media ready-together with the Technical Boy, to advertise in the best way the location of the New Gods, guided as always by Mr. World.

After the roaring start, the second and the third episode of American Gods focused their attention on different aspects of the characters, until now, little focused but now, having arrived at the middle of the season, all the fans are expecting a further surge: where will the fourth episode, “The Greatest Story Ever Told“ ?


Her tests with Wednesday in Cairo at Ibis, Shadow passes the night on a rather turbulent with a Goddess between dream and reality, yet another allegory of the situation “in the middle” in which it is located. Wednesday, however, has shortly other planes and therefore the two are put in march towards St. Louis, looking for a new ally in the war on the New Gods: Money, not yet entered the dance in the dispute between the two factions, but which in the centuries, inevitably, plays a primary role in the management of power between human beings and, therefore, becomes a vital part to pull in the ball. And while Shadow begins to understand that it is worth something to Odin and to be a pawn in the chessboard of his faction, despite the fact that he has not yet figured out why Technical Boy will have to deal with the crisis of “faith” towards him, ending up, after yet another failure, crushed by Mr. World. The war is now announced, but, between the two groups, it seems to check a new one, which is Mr. Nancy and Bilquis two leaders with new motives....


The Greatest Story Ever Told, it introduces in the great collective drawing of the deity, for the first time, the God of Money, an essential factor with which both the Old and New Gods must have to do. And while Shadow takes another small step forward towards the full understanding of his role at the side of Mr. Wednesday, the real theme of the episode (emphasized also by the limited number of characters “active” in the episode, between which we do not see neither Laura nor Mad Sweeney) becomes the function and purpose that, nowadays, should move the actions of a God: one towards the Technical Boy and the technology it demonstrates a faith that is little rooted in the people and, above all, too conditioned by additional factors, while Mr. Nancy and Bilquis are in the fight against racism and in the social redemption of the people of color to their new flag, their new opportunity to become indispensable in the eyes of the people. As happened in the past, American Gods offers us an episode not certainly so significant in the narrative, but full of considerations necessary in order to enjoy the best of the general history and impeccably made at the level of director, can broaden the points of view in a frame narrative in itself explosive issues. Step further, with the surge in the decisive second season that looks to the doors and now, all of you, expect.

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