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Published on Mar 26, 2019


The New and the Old Gods are ready to battle it out and each side is organizing to better prepare for the clash, but the bombing of an Old Goddess, as well as the ex-beloved of Wednesday, has led to the kidnapping of Shadow, a prisoner of Mr. Town, at the behest of the New Gods, has re-lived in memory, some moments of his adolescence. Laura and Mad Sweeney, you are occupied, you can save it, with Odin's ever watchful. From his part, Mr. World remained behind the scenes, always in the expectation that Subcommittees Boy find Media, weapon, essential to organize the war with the Old Gods. After a brief summary characterizing the human part of the characters, therefore, American Gods seems to be ready to get back into the thick of the plot. What will be the position of the Shadow, after the past experience under torture?


Saved by Laura, Mad Sweeney, and especially by the intervention of Mr. Wednesday, Shadow is left (apparently) alone in the ruins of the train derailed. Confused and wounded, found in the words of the raven Muninn (loyal companion of Odin) almost whispered in his mind, the indication to a strange destination: Cairo, the research of Ibis. On the way to the city, will meet with Sam Black Crow, a strange and unconventional girl with the ancestors the native americans. But despite not knowing him, about him there are the eyes both of the New Gods and the old Wednesday, and his goal is anything but random... In the meantime, Jinn and Salim retrieve Gungnir, the spear of the battle of Odin, clutching an apparent alliance with a God Old deceiver, Iktomi, while Laura, “sewn up” again from Ibis, will choose to follow Mr. Wednesday (rejected the proposal of Mad Sweeney, always directed toward New Orleans in search of the Baron), going with him from Argos, The old God survived in a new guise thanks to the help of the New Gods. And just at the ancient guardians of Was, the two meet the Technical Boy and the New Media, the new update of the “old” gods the Media, both sent by Mr. World, with the intent of taking maximum advantage of the power of the vision of Argo.


In Muninn, we find that red wire, under new aspects, that has driven the events of the Beguiling Man: Shadow continues his search of himself, and, episode after episode, it seems more and more closer to the goal, although it has not yet managed to wheedle his true identity. As a father, stern but fair, Wednesday leaves him at the mercy of the difficulties causing it to close, little by little, what is his real self: the journey with Sam Black Crow, it seems to push him to look to his ancestors to understand, truly, who he is now and what will be its future. If, therefore, our Odin, as we have learned by now, has at heart the fate of the Shadow (for personal interests or for love, this is for you to discover) the same can not be said of Laura, which, however, has the opportunity to confront on a visit to Argos; Wednesday, perhaps, knows more than she knows herself, and this leads to living a crisis that erupts in the final of the episode. Since his return to life, he thought that its reason for existence, its “light”, it was actually the Shadow, but the new events that seem to question everything...

With the usual sharp and refined irony and symbolism, exceptionally, the second season of American Gods adds another element of transition to the achievement of the final goal: Muninn has peaks of excellence, but it offers ideas that will surely find a greater emphasis in the rest of the season.

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