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Published on Mar 19, 2019


After attending the premiere of the second season of American Gods, House on the Rock (HERE FOR OUR REVIEW), fans have taken up the exploration of the incredible world of Neil Gaiman: the Old Gods and the New Gods are preparing and, while Odin seemed to have finally found the right stability in his faction to be able to engage in battle, an attack in cold blood of the opposite faction takes away the life of an Old Goddess, as well as the ex-beloved of Wedsney. With the stroke of the final scene, closed the episode, brilliant, dynamic, and visually impressive: the new season of American Gods started off on the right foot and has not disappointed the expectations...but this is only the beginning.


After the attack suffered, the Old Gods are separate and while Mr. Wednesday party with Mr. Nancy to the research of Gungnir, his spear the battle, the Laura and Mad Sweeney bring you on a journey to try to save the Shadow, a prisoner of Mr. Town, at the behest of the New Gods. The latter seem to have started in the best way possible the preparations for war, and, while Technical Boy continues the search of the Media, which seems on the verge of evolving, Mr. World try to convince the queen Bilquis to embrace his cause,emphasizing the weight of the unfavorable situation in which it is located.

In the middle of a narrative of transition, there are numerous flashbacks that allow the viewer to reconstruct, gradually, the mysterious past of Shadow: to put under torture, the protagonist recalls the moments spent with his mother, the arrival from France to New York, and the continuous search of himself and of his true identity, the origin of that light that the mother sees in him and continues him to notice.


In what we may define a second episode of “transition”, the writers have a way to enter other clear references to the past of Shadow, featuring more of the character, and preparing the viewer to that which, presumably, will be the discovery (sooner or later) of his true identity. The beautiful love relationship with the mother, the arrival in the context of new york full of hate and racism, and the uncertainty in not to feel deeply who he really is, are all elements that arise in a rage and dissatisfaction of the bottom implement to implement the complex psychology of our protagonist.

The Beguiling Man, after the “mythical” and visually crackling first episode, has the task to focus more on the element “human” of the various characters (by adding a small dose of action, with american-style), and so, Laura's and Mad Sweeny, have the possibility of expressing, while they are searching for Shadow, some small aspects of their personality are still not well known by the audience and begin to show a feeling that could be explored in the course of the season. And if all roads lead to Rome, we have now learned to understand how all the elements of American Gods bring then to a single center: the Shadow Moon. The episode leaves us with Laura, Sweeny, and even Mr. Wednesday (faithfully followed by the two ravens) in one way or another, around the Shadow, and a sacrifice ready to be done by Odin for Odin. What will be the consequences?


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