Ambra Angiolini confesses: ‘I suffered from bulimia’

Published on Sep 25, 2018

The host of the Rai Radio 2 in the program ‘The Lunatics’, Ambra Angiolini spoke of a problem that had for so many years, bulimia. Ambra Angiolini confesses: ‘I suffered from bulimia’

Ambra Angiolini has told to the microphones of Rai Radio 2 and her fight against bulimia, and how this disorder sometimes is not understood at the end:

Bulimia is a disease that is not yet recognized as such. To eat much or not eat at all is not a whim. I managed to get out of it thanks to the radio, because at night I once made a whole episode on this theme.

The presenter then added that her food addiction was primarily to fill a void of love:

The food is the easiest thing to find, it fills a void. A little you still suffering from bulimia whole life. Bulimia also means love so much, want so much to be loved. The attitude a little you have the baby, because you have left him. If the accept does not become the disease.

Finally, Ambra Angiolini explained that with the pregnancy of her first daughter, Yolanda, the “hunger of love” of which he suffered has subsided.

The actress had stated in an interview to be very happy with Massimiliano Allegri, coach of Juventus, much to say that no one had ever embraced like him. The relationship helped Amber overcome the sad story of the divorce with the singer Francesco Renga by whom he had two children, Jolanda and Leonardo.

Now the actress has revealed that her partner is very serious with her work and that she prefers to stay out of it, but perhaps because of this, their relationship is very stable and serene:

I never go to the stadium. Helps me live in Brescia, so as not to know the result immediately. When he finishes a game he goes out with his friends and I wait even 48 hours before you hear from them again. Respect its rules, so I know I will return.

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