Ambra Angiolini after years, breaks the silence: “The disease...

Published on Sep 22, 2018

Ambra Angiolini has finally spoke of his illness, for which in the past has lost many pounds. Here is the whole truth

Ambra Angiolini has decided to break the silence and talk about the disease which in the past has had and managed to survive only thanks to the work and to the family.

On I Read you the law of the disease of Ambra Angiolini. The actress reveals, in fact, of having suffered in the past of an eating disorder:

"I suffered from bulimia. I got out thanks to the radio, but a little remains bulimics for the whole of life: it also means to love so MUCH and want so much to be loved."

But luckily, over time, this hunger of love has subsided a little bit. Amber continued, in fact:

"The attitude a little you to cuddle, because it remains on him. If the accept does not become the disease. When I got pregnant with my daughter Iolanda hunger of love has finally subsided"

The Angels also speaks of his companion, Massimiliano Allegri, with which it seems to have begun a relationship that is mature and clear:

“What is the rule to appease him when he loses a game? I realize of situations. I never go to the stadium, I have things superstitious, then help me to live in Brescia, I have not suffered the direct result. When you exit from the stadium goes home, goes with his friends, appearance 48 hours. And’ a man very serious about the work, always comes back to the team, follows all of its rules. The respect and in the meantime look. I know I will return".

in the past, as we all know the actress has been linked to the singer Francesco Renga. Amber has just finished filming a series filmed in Trieste:

"It's been three months of work very soon, I was a garza. It was nice to serve this role, after a while, I started to think like a program, I went every day to the police station, I was dropped into the shoes of this woman."

Amber responds ironic to the question on the night the most beautiful and memorable of his life:

"The first time my daughter has slept 8 hours in a row. Not slept for the last 8 months. That night I did not sleep because I did not think of the fact that she was asleep. That was the night of rebirth".

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