Amber Heard hot for Interview Magazine


Published on Sep 06, 2019


Photos via Interview Magazine

Amber Heard is the star of the latest issue of Interview Magazine, who dedicated a photo shoot in black-and-white bold. The ex-mrs. Depp is literally stripped bare for the occasion, showing off her cleavage discovered thanks to a blazer in black silk brought unbuttoned.

The nipples of Amber, however, are not the only detail worthy of note of the day, the actress has agreed to give an interview in which he spoke mostly of his work. Here's a small excerpt.

On how he reacted the first time you view on the screen:

“I have a vague memory, and visceral that experience. It's the same feeling that you feel when you hear your own voice on the answering machine, but you have to multiply by 100 that feeling of total embarrassment”

A feeling of embarrassment that does not change with time:

“For some people this feeling of embarrassment passes with time, but for me it is not so. I think that we need to develop the mechanisms of defense of this and try to get acquainted.”

On how he decides which parts to defend herself:

“It is a strange thing to do for us artists, especially for those who come from a generation like mine that have not grown up with social media. I use them only a couple of years because when you're a public figure you get used to defend your privacy with your teeth. This obviously creates a strange relationship with your privacy, you want to protect your image and your private life. I think that this is the reason why many people are reluctant to the idea of using these tools.”





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