Amazon: two products with discount code exclusive


Published on Sep 14, 2018


On Amazon, there are two products in the discount with a unique code of which you speak in this article. Discover them below.

The two products in question are very interesting proposed at this discounted price. Talk about an activity tracker and a cell phone holder universal for bicycle.

The first one is an activity tracker that offers water-resistance, good materials, sleep monitoring, heart rate and activity, in addition to a color screen with support for notifications. Usually available at 73,99€, we find it obvious to 50,99€ with the discount code QM6MOVNP

Buy the activity tracker

The second product is a mounting bracket for a bicycle that allows the rapid and convenient positioning of the smartphone. Available in various colors, we find it obvious to 13,99€ 10,99€ with the discount code OEYK7GWL

Buy the bike mount

The offers shown on this page may expire or change without notice. The real price is the one displayed on Amazon at the time of checkout.

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