Amazon Prime Video, the first anime of the summer season 2018


Published on Jul 13, 2018


Amazon Prime Video has included the first episodes of two new animated series for the Summer of 2018, that provides exclusively for its subscribers simultaneously with the transmission in Japan: Banana Fish, from the manga of the same name Akimi Yoshida published years ago by Planet Manga in Italy, and The Seven Senses of the Re Union (Shichisei no Subaru), from the series of light novels of Noritake Tao & booota.

Banana Fish
New York. Ash Lynx, a boy of 17 years, from exceptional physical shape, he is the head of a band. One night, a man is killed by his subordinate and, before dying, pronounces the words “Banana Fish” and an address. They are the same words repeated by the brother of Ash, Griffin, severely disabled. Meanwhile, Ash meets Eiji Okumura, a young japanese man arrived to make the photographer's assistant.

【第2弾PV公開】【放送・配信情報】TVアニメ"BANANA FISH"は2018年7月5日よりフジテレビ"ノイタミナ"ほかにて毎週木曜24:55から放送開始!Amazon Prime Videoにて日本・海外独占配信! #BANANAFISH

— TVアニメ"BANANA FISH"公式 (@bananafish_tv) May 24, 2018

The Seven Senses of the Re Union
The life of the Asahi in real life, it ended at the same time that is dead in the game, “Union”, a popular RPG online game. The members of the “Subaru” divide when the “Union” close to the death of Asahi. Six years later, Haruto will connect in a new version of “Re Union”, and it meets the Asahi that she was dead. It is a phantom electronic? The “promise” made by children, you dipanerà during the game.

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