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Published on Dec 15, 2016


The e-commerce site that Amazon not only sells products and books online, but it is a platform much more vast and advanced. Sign up for a subscription for Amazon Prime not only do we have free shipping and expedited delivery times, but also a whole series of additional services included in the cost of an annual subscription (which we recall is€ 20 per year). Among the new services have arrived in Italy certainly stands out Amazon Prime Video streaming platform in the style of Netflix where we can watch the streaming TV series, cartoons and movies without limits.

We discover from the nearby Amazon Prime Video in this comprehensive guide, where we will see how to use the video player, you'll discover the platforms that are compatible, how to enable the content to 4K, HDR, and the overall quality offered by the platform.

For convenience, we access all the sections of the guide using the handy index below.

At the moment, Amazon Prime Video is included in the subscription for Amazon Prime, available for anyone with a month free trial, then the cost is€ 20 per year.

To subscribe to Amazon Prime, we can use the following link; if not, we have never used the subscription will be sufficient to authenticate with the Amazon account and subscribe by clicking on the Register button and use it free for 30 days.

LINK | Subscription Amazon Prime

The subscription is auto-renew every 12 months. Finished the trial period for Amazon Prime will be immediately active (it will be scaled to 20€ starting from the day following the end of the test) but we can cancel before 30 days or to block the renewal fee without any problem.

Once you have subscribed to Amazon Prime, access to the service, Amazon Prime Video from the following link.

LINK | Amazon Prime Video

The site uses the same credentials (username and password) used for the Amazon site. Insert your credentials and we will be ready to enjoy some video at no additional cost.

Once you have chosen any of the contents, simply press on the green Play button to start playback.

We support the language and the subtitles; the contents with audio and subtitles in Italian are referred to as in the image below.

Want to watch the trailer of the film? We can view it by clicking on the button Watch the Trailer.

We can not or do not want to watch a video? We can use the button Add to Watchlist to save it in our list of personal view.

The list view can be opened from the menu in the shape of a little man at the top right (Your Watchlist).

The interface is really very simple once you have launched the content: we will have a bar on the bottom with the time duration of the video, the key HD (if the content offers high definition), and the main buttons in the top right.

We can pause by clicking anywhere on the video with the mouse, it will show 3 buttons: the button to return 10 seconds back, button to go 10 seconds forward and the button to resume playback.

Once you have started the playback of the content chosen, the language is in English? we can change the audio language using the button in the shape of a balloon in the upper right. From this same screen, we can also disable or enable the subtitles.

We are not satisfied with the subtitles? We can change the font and color by clicking on the Subtitles Settings (menu comics, image above), or by opening the menu in the shape of a little man, and by clicking on Account & Settings -> Subtitles.

On Amazon Prime Video, we can find content in FullHD and 4K, in the latter case, even with support for HDR (on TV and on compatible devices). The old content of the catalog provide the basic quality (SD), but if the content has multiple resolutions, we can change it during playback using the button in the shape of a gear in the top right and choosing the quality between the Car and the various parameters are offered to you (HD, 4K).

We can also rate the video using the button to Rate stream quality: if the video is not of our liking (too grainy for example) we can place a low score. Most users report a content, the more chances there are that Amazon charge the film or the episode of the TV series with a higher quality (if available).

Requirements minimum Internet connection are reasonable: to watch the video in standard definition (SD) we need a connection of 900 Kbits/sec (approximately 1 Mb), for those in high-definition (HD) you need a connection of at least 3.5 Mbits/sec, while to access the content in 4K, you should use a connection of at least 15 Mbits/sec.

If you want to take advantage of the 4K you'll have to force things to focus on a connection (VDSL or a fiber-optic connection.

Optical fiber: check the coverage

Amazon Prime Video is compatible with numerous platforms, thanks to the abandonment of any plug-in owner for the reproduction. The site is fully functional on any browser you use, but if we want to take advantage of Amazon Prime Video when we are on the move or on the TV Box, we can download the official app from the following link.

DOWNLOAD | Amazon Prime Video (Android)

DOWNLOAD | Amazon Prime Video (Apple)

On the app you can download content locally for viewing offline (without the Internet).

The app is perfectly compatible with any TV Box Android.

To watch the content in 4K with HDR is required to install the app Amazon Prime Video on the Smart TV compatible.

Buying a TV: the full guide

We are not satisfied with the service offered by Amazon Prime Video? We can safely ignore it without losing anything: your subscription Amazon Prime also covers other useful services, therefore it will be enough not to use Amazon Prime Video.

If we want to cancel, also Amazon Prime, you simply connect to the Settings page Amazon Prime to cancel the subscription. Here is the link to turn off Amazon Prime and Amazon Prime Video, in addition to other services offered.

LINK | Cancellation Amazon Prime

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