Amazon Prime Now arrives in Turin with Pam Panorama. Deliveries in windows of two hours on more than 7,000 products


Published on Sep 12, 2019


Amazon Prime Now arrives in Turin with Pam Panorama. Deliveries in windows of two hours on more than 7,000 products makes today available First Now in Turin. After Milan and Rome, the capital of the Piedmont becomes the third Italian city where customers First, in some selected areas of the city, will be able to do the shopping, choosing among over 7,000 products of the stores Pam and Panorama, benefiting from the deliveries in a window of your choice for two hours.

Customers First that are located in the city of Turin and in six other cities in the hinterland (Rivoli, Collegno, Moncalieri, Nichelino, Orbassano, Beinasco) will be able to choose between a wide variety of fresh products, fruits and vegetables, including local products such as tomino roll of Rivarolo, to the dumpling of the Val Varaita, barbera Seal the Clavesana family and the lady's kisses, but also deep-frozen products, pasta, coffee, napkins and products for children, articles for the care of the person and of parapharmacy. The whole will be sold today through the app, Amazon Prime Now, or from the site and delivered directly to the doorstep of the customers. With a few simple clicks, customers Amazon Prime, you can then enjoy deliveries of ultra-fast, also useful for last minute needs.

The service is active from 10:00 a.m. to midnight, seven days a week, in some selected areas of the city. Until January 2020, to celebrate the launch of Prime Now in Turin, the delivery window of two hours will be no additional cost for orders over €25. Customers First Now in Turin will also enjoy a€ 10 discount on the first order of the amount exceeding 50€. At the end of the promotion, in January 2020, the minimum amount to place an order will be of 15€ with no shipping costs for orders over€ 50 with delivery windows of two hours, while there is a shipping cost of 3.49€ for orders with a value between 15€ and 50€.

“We are proud to make it from today First available Now to our customers in Turin. Thanks to the important agreement with Pam Panorama, the customers have the possibility to choose between more than 7,000 everyday products, including fresh fruit and vegetables, which can be delivered directly to your home, to the plane in windows of two hours,” said Nikolay Yanev, Head of the First Now Marketplace, Amazon.en. “Turin is the third largest city in Italy, where Prime Now is available, after Milan and after that Rome, the city of more recent introduction. Thanks to this extension of the First Now, now also the customers in turin members of Amazon Prime can take advantage of our delivery service: ultra-fast, in addition to the numerous benefits they may already enjoy thanks to the Prime membership”.

“We are delighted to strengthen and consolidate the cooperation with Amazon Prime Now also in a major city like Turin.” – says Gianpietro Corbari, ceo of Pam Panorama – “we really Believe in the union between tradition and innovation, and this partnership confirms the vision turned to the future of our signs, always careful to offer quality products, services and solutions aimed at improving the quality of life of consumers, and always in step with the times.”

By downloading on your smartphone or tablet the app First Now, available for Apple devices (iOS) and Android, or through the site is possible to verify the availability of the service in their own home, or in the point selected for delivery, by entering the zip code. It is also possible to turn on notifications to know when the service will be available in your area.

Amazon Prime is a yearly or monthly subscription, which provides numerous advantages, including the best shopping and entertainment, as expeditions unlimited and at no additional cost 1 day to over 2 million products, access to award-winning Amazon Original and other famous movies and TV shows with Prime Video, unlimited access to a selection of books and comic strips in rotation with the First Reading, the benefits on the video games with Twitch First, offers reserved to our customers the First day and exclusive as the First Day, and so on. A subscription to Amazon Prime is available at a cost of €36 per year (or €3,99 per month) and includes a period of free use of 30 days. Customers can sign up at the link




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