Amazing Spider-Man – The Return of Miguel O'hara and the 2099 Preview!


Published on Nov 12, 2019


As part of the event crossover announced in the past few months from Marvel comics, the 2099 is ready to return in our lives, this time in a completely new.

The title Marvel 2099 was an important line-up editorial in the 90s. This brilliant publishing initiative riscriveva the origins and mythology of some of the most famous characters of the House of Ideas, adapting them to a context that is purely futuristic, in the year 2099. Many time after it was revealed that the 2099 is one of the many timeline alternatives that are lodged in the multiverse, the cosmos of the Marvel.

This week the 2099 will return to the centre of the plot in a dramatic story that will see Miguel O'hara, Spider-Man of 2099, as the absolute protagonist.

Below, the first plates, the preview of the comic, Nick Spencer, Patrick Gleason, Matthew Wilson, Joe Caramagna.

For a reason not yet determined, the 2099 is in danger of disappearing from existence. Finally, after several teasers we know that Spider-Man 2099 somehow managed to go back in the timeline of Peter Parker. The story opens with Miguel, who barely awake realizes what has happened.

Lyla, personal assistant, Miguel is not responding and will be attacked suddenly by some mysterious individuals.

After a brief battle, Spider-Man 2099 will he escape, revealing to the readers he has lost his memory. To unravel the mystery decide to go by the Spider-Man of 2019.

But he does not know that Peter Parker is too busy. Involved by his adoptive sister Teresa, in a mission to track down the Chameleon, Spider-Man collided again with Silver Sable, who has pointed a gun straight on the skull.

But luckily, her sister aims to turn a gun on the head of Silver Sable, and when Spidey tries to calm the waters all will be for the worse.

In the States, Amazing Spider-Man #33 will be available from Wednesday 6 November.

Amazing Spider-Man – The Return of Miguel O'hara and the 2099 Preview! is




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