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Published on Jul 26, 2019


With the theatrical release of Spider-Man: A new universe, animated feature film awarded with an Oscar and praised by the critics and the public, has been finally legitimized the concept of the “multiverse”, that is a lot of parallel realities that coexist and differ from one another, sometimes for small details, other times in a consistent manner.

He was the author Dan Slott for having the bright idea to create the “Ragnoverso”, i.e. bring together, for the first time, all the Spider-Men existing, it wanted between the most disparate and improbable versions, some revived from the past of the long life, editorial, television and film character, others invented of healthy plant.

The only thing that was missing was a motivation that had all the Spider-Men to gather and an enemy powerful enough to keep up with all of them. But the fervent mind of Slott did not take long to find a solution and went to draw from the recent past of the character, or more precisely, from the first critically acclaimed run of J. M. edit] after and John Romita Jr., when it was first introduced one of the most lethal and most successful opponents of the Spider in recent years: Morlun. It is a disturbing and unstoppable psychic vampire that feeds on the life essence of those who have powers ragneschi, and each time he appeared he gave a long hard time for poor Peter Parker.

Only he, however, would not be enough to face an army of Spiders, for which the author thought well of affiancargli an entire family of ravenous hunters of the spider-totem, called the Heirs. Seemingly unbeatable, these beings had to have at least a weak point, and already in his time, Peter Parker discovered that were sensitive to radiation. So it was that the first Spider-army, defeated them, relegating them in a reality where humanity had been wiped out by a nuclear war and the radiation saturated the atmosphere.

From here resumes the via Spider-Geddon, the direct aftermath of Ragnoverso, written by Christos Gage, already the right arm of Slott for a good part of its management of the ten-year of the Spider. Gage, among other things, is also the writer of the new series dedicated to Superior Spider-Man/Dr. Octopus, for which it uses immediately to a maximum of his character, making him responsible for the return of the Heirs.

Octavius, in fact, decide to use their cloning technique on himself, to be sure to survive any attack, by transferring his consciousness about bodies cloned, exactly as did the Heirs. Through its technology, however, are the psychic vampires they can be born again on our Earth and to reopen the hunt for all the Spiders of the multiverse.

The particularity of this event, that perhaps could be debated by some fans, is that the Spider-Man the official of Earth-616, this time, has a very minor role, as his battle with Morlun is “delegated” to the head Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man, while there is more emphasis on the machiavellian Superior Spider-Man, among other things, the only one without powers ragneschi, and other Spider-Men and more “fashionistas” like Miles Morales, the protagonist of the above-mentioned Spider-Man: A new universe, and the Spider-Man of the successful videogame for PS4 Marvel's Spider-Man, which recently came out.

Also versions ragnesche to the feminine notes, like Spider-Gwen, Spider-Woman/Jessica Drew and Annie May/Spiderina of the series Renew your play, find space, especially in their series-personal or mini-series like Spider-Girls and Spider-Force, published both on this fortnightly. In the event carrier, however, will have little prominence.

Are to be reported in the remuneration of interesting new entries introduced in the miniseries anthology the Vault of Spiders, like a monstrous Norman Osborn to six arms and an equally disturbing Spider-Man composed of spiders, but also a gruff Ben Parker joined by a very young Peter ( both with superpowers ), and George Stacy's policeman/masked avenger, just to name a few... The beauty of the sagas of this type, in fact, lies precisely in the variety of the suggested characters and in their originality, even if you know that not everyone will have the space they deserve.

Gage is pretty good in managing a choral story as Spider-Geddon, even if it has the same trade as Slott and fails to be as ironic and incisive in the story. In stories of this type it is necessary to not take himself too seriously, and know how to calibrate well moments of light with other more dramatic, adding a good dose of action and pathos.

All this Gage is successful only in part, because this time it lacked the element of surprise and everything was already seen, for which we would have liked that touch, or intuition that would have differentiated this saga from the previous and kept alive the interest in the reader. Spider-Geddon seems to be more of a homework written specifically to take advantage of the coupling of the animated film referred to above, without a true inspiration on the part of the writer.

Graphically stands out above all the precise and refined, Jorge Molina, who manages to depict figures on the plastic and sinuous, with a good expression and a remarkable graphic impact. More cold and cartoonish style of Carlo Barberi, even if still functional to this type of story. Adding to the grand final of our Stefano Caselli and Joey Vazquez, the first by the more slender and realistic, the second more angular and stylized, with influences from manga.

This succession of various authors to the drawing board does not allow a continuity graphics to the story, but it doesn't weigh much, also because it is all good artists and graphic rendering overall is satisfactory and in line with the story.

In conclusion, therefore, this Spider-Geddon proved to be a second chapter weaker than the previous one, where you feel the absence of a leader like Peter Parker of Earth-616. It is however a story which is enjoyable, but without too many demands and suitable for a reading of pure escapism. Nothing essential, as you will understand, but if you love the alternative versions of Spider could do to your case.

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