Amazfit Beep: the best watch straps and accessories

Published on Oct 04, 2017

The new Amazfit Bip has aroused a lot of interest in the field of the smartwatch, thanks also to the price at which it is proposed. Now that is a guide to translate it in Italian we have one more reason to consider the purchase. Along with the smartwatch we can also buy accessories such as film or straps to replace the original.

So let's see what are the best straps and accessories for our Amazfit Beep.

If you want to change the style of this smartwatch is a good idea to replace the original bracelet with one of a different type. There are so many, of all types and for all tastes.

Let's see what are the best watch straps and the best accessories to match to our smartwatch.

This is a strap made of TPE, or plastic and rubber. This model is in matte black and grey with attack by 20mm. You can purchase on Gearbest at a discounted price.

Once again we have a strap made of TPE, or plastic and rubber. This model is in black color and blucon attack by 20mm.

The strap mesh milanese is a classic. It fits very well with the Amazfit Beep, and at the same time simple and elegant. This model is in black with the attack by 20mm.

It is a strap-mesh milanese with attack always by 20mm. This model is in matte gold.

This is the latest model of the straps in mesh milanese. It is a strap color rose gold mount, with the 20mm.


It is a metal-band with attack by 20mm. Unlike the previous model is in black color.

It is a protective film, completely transparent to protect the display of our Amazfit Beep. It is very easy to apply and does not leave any bubbles during application.


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