Amadeus makes a toast to happiness: artistic director and conductor of the Festival di Sanremo 2020


Published on Aug 03, 2019


And in the end, the Rai has made its choice: it will be the Amadeus to conduct the Festival of Sanremo 2020, an issue very important since we celebrate the 70 years of the Festival, the most important of Italy. Not only that, Amadeus is also the role of artistic director. And just yesterday evening, after the official announcement of the news, Amadeus wanted to share the joy for this assignment, with all the people who follow him. On social, in fact, has posted a video in which he toasts with his family. “Even a person like me who does not drink, you must toast with a piece of news like this,” said Amadeus, who has chosen to celebrate with his family.

A golden period for the tenant that a few days ago he celebrated the marriage with his Giovanna Civitillo. And after personal satisfaction, including the graduation of his daughter, also come the professional ones.

And here is the official note of the Rai:

“A Sanremo Festival dedicated to the ensemble and celebration, a Festival with surprises, a Festival in the sign of the history of the Rai which will involve the whole of the company. This will be the Sanremo 70, an ambitious event platform designed and built by the Rai, which will culminate with the 5 nights at the Ariston Theater, and that will start from an edition of the Sanremo Young people which will have a further opening to new trends thanks to the demands raised from the production chain of music in the work Table held last Tuesday in the Rai, and continue with a series of other events throughout the year 2020. The master of the house of Sanremo 70 – will be on Amadeus, face Rai, an expert on music, historical and dj, who is also the Artistic Director of the edition. With him, in the course of the 5 nights, the faces that have built the history of the Festival, for a story that was interlaced with that of the companions of the Amadeus, surprises and After that it will be built on innovation“.

🎤 Viva Sanremo!!! 🎉 #sanremo2020 #amadeus 🌶

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The words of Amadeus that says delighted with this news in a press note:

“Thank you, first of all, the Rai, really the whole of the Rai, starting from the ceo, Fabrizio Salini, my director, Teresa de Santis, and all those who have strongly wanted me to lead the next Sanremo Festival. And now, after a few short days of vacation, we immediately got to work, because let us not forget that it will be the 70 edition, is an important number. It will be the Sanremo of all, and then: viva Sanremo”.

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