Alvin Kamara, the offensive weapon most complete in the NFL.


Published on Mar 31, 2020


The path which led to Alvin Kamara to be one of the best offensive players in the NFL, has been particularly tortuous, thanks to an unusual career at the college, the environment in which it is never able to express its potential. From the disappointment lived in Alabama at the renaissance at Hutchinson Community College until his explosion final in the rookie year.

That Kamara was a statement different from the others, it was understood already from the times of the high school. The running back has literally written the history of Norcross High School, located in his native town, in the metropolitan area of Atlanta. After the junior year finished with 1300 yards and 17 touchdowns, Kamara helped her to win a title in the state in 56 years of existence Norcross had never seen before. In his last season at the high school the current player of the Saints had put together a line of statistics from 2500 yards and 31 touchdowns total, with attached meta decisive in the match valid for the title of Georgia. The last season played at Norcross had done to open the eyes of scout, the NCAA, and pushed by the ranking publications such as 247Composite, Kamara was to take the place of the best running back in America out of high school.

The choice of college could be granted on paper, the Georgia Bulldogs, in fact, you were made alive again and again in your email inbox Alvin Kamara, but in the thoughts of the player born in 1995 there was only one university, Alabama. The same coach Nick Saban has admitted that in a single day were sent 105 letters to the address of Kamara in an attempt to recruit him, and in the mind of the same, to play for the University that had churned out the last Heisman Trophy in the role of running back, was decidedly appealing. Once you have chosen to play for the Crimson Tide, the path of Kamara began to get complicated from the outset, because during the course of training camp, he was forced to undergo surgery to the knee, by slowing down its integration into the system of Nick Saban. Because of a roster in the role of running back he could already count on T. J. Yeldon, Kenyan Drake and the newly arrived Derrick Henry, Kamara was forced to “redshirt”. In this way, the player in question can only train and not compete in official games, in exchange for a year of eligibility in the system the NCAA. In the course of the season, but Kamara, for reasons of conduct, coach Saban suspends Kamara also from the training, creating a definitive break between the running back and the university of Tuscaloosa.

Shortly after the decision to leave Alabama, Kamara was arrested in Norcross with the adjacent withdrawal of the licence. Despite the bad moment, the Tennessee Volunteers made their living, but the player decided to spend a season at Hutchinson Community College, a college “minor” located in Kansas that is not in the network, the NCAA, and that was a fundamental step also for the player the NFL Cordarelle Patterson, before coming to Tennessee. The adventure with the Blue Dragons was crucial for the rebirth of Alvin Kamara as a player, because once you get behind the behavioral problems, the running back got into the show as the best prospect in the output from the system of the Junior College, after having scored a total of approximately 1500 yards and 21 touchdowns in just nine games. The attempts of Georgia to bring home the young talent were once again in vain, and whereas, in the backfield of the Bulldogs were already present, Nick Chubb and Sony Michel, Kamara opted directly for Tennessee, the university that I courted for a long time.

Under the leadership of coach Butch Jones and in a backfield shared with Jalen Hurd, the current receiver of the 49ers, Kamara was used little and badly. The characteristics of the running back were already self-evident, its flexibility allowed it to be aligned substantially in any position as a receiver, return kick off and punts and lead the backfield. The real star of that team was, however, precisely the mate department, Jalen Hurd, which was imposed with 1475 total yards and 14 touchdowns, while the budget of Kamara was limited to just 698 yards and 7 goals (stemming from the 107 course), with 6.5 yards per flow that made him the third player in the entire SEC in this category. These numbers added 291 yards receiving and three touchdowns. While Tennessee concluded its season with a budget of 9-4 and a victory in the Outback Bowl, his former comrades of Alabama imposed at the national level with a budget of 14-1, winning the title and the Heisman Trophy awarded to a monstrous Derrick Henry is capable of going for 2219 yards and 28 touchdowns in the season 2015.

In junior season at Tennessee, Kamara cut out more space in the backfield, opening up the road also on the notebooks of scouts the NFL with a sensational performance, such as that recorded against Texas A&M, which was noted with 127 yards and 2 TD rushing and 161 yards and a destination on the receipt. Despite this, the running back finished the season with 596 yards rushing and 9 touchdowns in addition to 392 yards receiving with four other destinations, numbers which helped him in and be the third player with the most touchdown scored in the SEC. The adventure at the college Alvin Kamara ended finally with the victory in the Music City Bowl.

Once stating for the nfl Draft, the running back he recorded the highest value in the “Wonderlic Test”, examination that assesses cognitive ability and the attitude to solve the problems that you make to the Combine in Indianapolis. Kamara completed the 40-yard dash in 4.56, the 13th value in the running back. In the Draft, Philadelphia was selected in the third round, with selection number 67 by the New Orleans Saints and in front of him were selected four equal role, Leonard Fournette, Christian McCaffrey, Joe Mixon, and Dalvin Cook.

The true consecration for the new player of the Saints, it came to pass in the rookie season. In the perfect offensive system Pete Carmichael, Kamara shared the backfield with Mark Ingram, in a context that, in addition to Drew Brees, he could also count on the actual offensive player of the year, Michael Thomas. Since its debut Kamara was used in the most disparate ways, looking for mismatches with linebackers and a defensive back by moving the player between the slot and the outside, putting in crisis the oppositions defence. In racing, Kamara has demonstrated from the outset its ability to penetrate between the defenders and break tackles, becoming one of the players most difficult to stop in the entire league. In the rookie season and Kamara has won the Pro Bowl and a place in the second team All-Pro, all after he became the first player in the history of the Saints, and numbered at least 700 yards rushing and 800 on receiving in a season, and the third rookie in NFL history to succeed in this business. Unfortunately, the season the Saints ended with the “Minneapolis Miracle” to the Divisional Round of the playoffs, but thanks to the 1554 total yards and 13 touchdowns, it was impossible to deprive Kamara to the prize of “Offensive Rookie of the Year”.

In the season of 2018, with Mark Ingram suspended for the first four games, Kamara took on his shoulders the load of the attack, scoring a total of 611 total yards in the first four weeks, with peaks of the sensational such as the three touchdown passes against the Giants at MetLife Stadium and 15 receptions with 124 yards, scored the victory in the overtime against the atlanta Falcons. Despite the statistical sample was limited to four games, Kamara proved to be able to cope well with loads of touches far higher than usual, managing to take more than 25 touches a game, keeping the whole of its efficiency. But with the return of Mark Ingram to the numbers of Kamara returned to stabilize, finishing with 883 yards and 14 rushing touchdowns (in 194 courses), in addition to 81 receptions, exactly as in the rookie year, 709 yards, and 4 more goals. Numbers that allowed him to be selected to the Pro Bowl for the second year in a row.

The evolution in growing Alvin Kamara is stopped partially in the season just passed. With the problems encountered at the ankle and knee that forced him to play 14 games, compared to 16 the year as a rookie and 15, 2018, and the injury of Drew Brees, his numbers have suffered a decline, with Teddy Bridgewater in the role of starting quarterback. Also, with Mark Ingram party in the direction of Baltimore, Kamara has shared the backfield with Latavius Murray, managing to get a touch more than the committee with Ingram. In 14 games Kamara has scored a total of 797 yards rushing and 5 touchdowns (in 171 courses), in addition to 81 receptions, 533 yards and a single goal received. Its performance, albeit less rich statistics have, however, secured a spot in the Pro Bowl, albeit in replacement of an injured player, for the third year in a row. Shortly after the end of the season, Kamara has said that she has played a good part of the season “on one leg”, adding that it is heard often limited to 70% of its possibilities. To put a stone above the swinging season of the Saints, we have thought, once again, the Vikings are capable of putting the strings to the exemption of Louisiana at the overtime of the Wild Card Game.

Therefore, it has not been easy the path of him who is the offensive weapon most complete in the NFL.




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