AluPlug: a wall charger “design”


Published on Jul 31, 2016


If you are interested in the design and you prefer to spend a higher amount compared to many other alternatives less premium on the market, this AluPlug could do to your case. Talk about a wall charger with two doors made of aluminum are of excellent quality.

JustMobile always makes premium products, and even if we talk about a product in common use as a wall charger, the attention to detail is always high. In this case we speak of AluPlug, a power supply with two USB sockets to charge our device to the wall.

There are so many features to list about this product: the grip is compact and well finished, has two ports that you can use at the same time, delivers 2.4 A. The product is made of aluminum with a knurled finish very pleasing to the eye and to the touch, it also integrates a system that maintains high safety of the device in charging.

The product, finally, shows a LED which ensures the operation once connected.

In short, a charger is definitely nice to see, even if offered at a price very low. But you know, the design involves a greater expense, and this AluPlug is really very well made and finished off, and can give a touch of class.

If you are interested, AluPlug is available on the website of JustMobile at the price of 34,95€. You can use the discount code exclusively (iphoneitalia20off) to obtain a 20% saving on the product (the code is valid until the day 8/8/2016).

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