AluCharge, HeadStand Avant and Xtand Vent: three new products from Just Mobile


Published on Nov 28, 2016


Just Mobile has made recently of the new products we want to talk about. In this article, let's start with the new USB charger from the wall called AluCharge, we continue with the new support for headphone HeadStand Avant and then we conclude with the new Xtand Vent for the mounting of the smartphone in the car.

So let's begin with AluCharge. The USB charger AluCharge is a product design very clean and simple and incorporates just the four USB ports on the front and the socket for the power supply to the wall on the back. The cable supplied in the package is clearly a european one if you choose the european version in the order.

In essence, it is a product that is pleasant to the sight, made of aluminum, which, unlike many other chargers, multi-port, should not necessarily be hidden, but he makes a great figure in bella vista.

AluCharge supports charging simultaneously on all 4 USB ports and, thanks to intelligent charging technology, provides the right energy to the devices iOS and Android linked. At a technical level we have these specifications:

Safety is ensured thanks to the systems included in the product.

Very comfortable on a trip, maybe to use in the train or in a hotel, thanks to its compact design. In short, a solution that is very interesting, from the soul premium and by the high-profile design, which does well his duty even if at a price not too cheap.

In fact, it speaks about 59,95€ for the purchase of this wall charger multi-port, a price that is far from many competitors.

We then go to the support for the headphone HeadStand Avant. We had already tried the previous model and the substance does not change. There are only a few new to report, i.e. the lack of the door-cables (it is worth noting that now more and more headphones are wireless), and a greater height of the support capable of manage also best headphones oversized.

The product arrives disassembled in the box but it is not a problem to mount it. All you need is a screwdriver to screw in the single screw, and secure the bar to the board.

Finish is a really well-made, the product which proves to be of quality and non-slip coating is perfect for ensuring a good grip on surfaces.

As we had already seen on the previous model, also support the HeadStand Avant ensures a high quality (premium), a beautiful design and a great convenience, though at a price very low.

HeadStand will be available soon in two color versions (silver and black) on the official website of JustMobile at the price of 49,95€. Keep an eye on the links to check the availability of the product.

Finally, we conclude this article by telling you about the smartphone holder in the car, called the Xtand Vent. This support enables us to establish easily the smartphone to the vents of the air conditioner of the car.

The support you can rotate and tilt for the best, it supports smartphone of various dimensions thanks to the wings detachable and has a wheel on the back that can tighten or loosen the grip to secure the support in the best position.

From our tests, Xtand Vent, it has behaved well and has been able to hold our iPhone 6 and 7 Plus without any problems, even in case of potholes or rough roads.

Clearly you need to take into account the model of your car to see if the support will be screwed to the nozzle is functional. This support costs 29,95€ on the official website of Just Mobile and will be available shortly.

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