Alto Varesotto: yesterday, many of the interventions of the Fire Brigade between the lake, the fires and accidents

Published on Apr 17, 2017

Yesterday, Sunday 16 April, the fire department of the province of Varese, in addition to the usual requests for relief, they were engaged for some of the relevant interventions. Maccagno to rescue a 34-year-old went out on the lake in the kite, they then continued with the operations of fire fighting on the border with the Canton of Ticino, came to an accident on the A8 for an accident and, finally, helped the colleagues from piedmont to douse the flames in the Cannobina Valley. Here are the interventions. Alto Varesotto: yesterday, many of the interventions of the Fire Brigade between the lake, fires and accidents. The first intervention yesterday, Easter day, happened at 9.30 am, on the waters of lake Maggiore, opposite the town of Maccagno with Pino and Veddasca, to rescue a man of 34 years. Some passers-by have noticed a sportsman in difficulties while practicing Kitesurf. Immediately from the detachment of Luino has been sent a ship with relief specialists aquatic. The man in the meantime has managed to reach the shore by themselves. The fire between the Val Veddasca and the Canton of Ticino. During the day, and also have continued care of the volunteers of the A. I. B. (forest Fire fighting) of the Community Montana Valli del Verbano, the operations of the extinguishing of the forest fire on the mountain Target in the territory of the municipality of Maccagno with Pino and Veddasca: the flames games on Saturday afternoon from the swiss territory, have affected a wide area. On the spot they operated on different aircraft throughout the day. The fire department in conjunction with the Police of the local station, have carried out the inspections of constantly interfacing with the operating room that was in charge of the operations. Particular attention to the group of huts in the locality Monterecchio. Also from the swiss colleagues have worked unceasingly throughout the day, and the tasks were made particularly difficult due to the strong wind that blew throughout the area. Accident on the highway Castellanza. To 19 hours of yesterday, Easter Sunday, the staff of the detachments of Busto/Gallarate and Legnano is also addressed on the A8 “Autostrada dei Laghi” in the territory of the municipality of Castellanza road accident. For reasons still under investigation the driver of a car, after it broke through the security barriers of the overpass, fell to ten meters below the highway. The fire brigade attended with two fire trucks have put in safety the vehicle, the overpass, and collaborated with medical personnel to help the wounded. Have not been involved other vehicles. The highway remained closed to traffic in both lanes for about an hour The fire in the Val Cannobina. Have received several reports yesterday for a huge fire that broke out in the Val Cannobina, in the province of Verbania, the high column of smoke was visible from miles away. The colleagues of the provincial command were engaged with the various teams. In the late afternoon from the nucleus helicopters Malpensa was also sent the Dragon “82”, which has carried out an inspection and then transported to the share of the personnel and equipment for shutdown. The following updates.

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