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Published on May 28, 2019


The compelling story of Chalice, grappling with a sex change, and at the same time able to discover and exploit its full potential supereroistiche comes (momentarily) at the conclusion with this second volume of the Alters proposed by Saldapress.

The first volume, entitled The history of the Chalice, is a small gem of a contemporary: Paul Jenkins has succeeded with this comic strip to bring the supereroismo to a level 2.0, and to adjust the social problems contemporary with the genre, which has made the average comic is more popular than ever in recent decades.

In this second volume, titled Parents and children, we are faced with a Chalice that is no longer alone, and that has beside a real group of people able to work and scour the Alters. It will be so that you scopriràla history of Sharise, a homeless woman who lives with her two children inside a car. Sharise is a character moving, used specially by Paul Jenkins in order to shed light on the question of homeless people in the United States.

Sharise has a power that is tempting to many, and that will find the face of unscrupulous people ready to do harm to his children. But Chalice has caught his presence, and the battle of the Alters will only just have begun.

This second volume of Alters suffer a little the difficulty of bring together so many characters within a group, which have become a support for the superhero transgender Chalice, but at the same time depotenziano the personality and lyricism.

Yes, because while in the first volume of Alters the power of the story was in difficulties, and social life of the Chalice, which were enhanced by the loneliness, and the difficulty to adapt to society. While in this new story of the Chalice has a group on which to rely. And while in comics like the Doom Patrol or the Umbrella Academy, the diversity expressed within a group reveal a great potential of the narrative, Alters it seems that the only person “different” is Reprinted. The other members of the team are not evidence of the unusual or difficult to externalize. And also the same Reprinted in his super-group is normalized.

And the same thing happens also with Sharise just join the team. The dramatic story of a mother, homeless, in search of refuge, together with his sons, is assassinated by a plot in which the various diversity fail to overlap, raising the potential of the story, but disinnescandolo.

The fact remains that Alters either one of the comics the most interesting proposed in recent times. Paul Jenkins (as he declares in his editorial) has created this story specifically with the goal of focusing on diversity, to tell stories of alternate characters, with a narrative potential extremely high.

The designs of Leila Leiz are half-way between the cartoonish and the realistic, and are able to give expression and to make vivid the characters. And are enhanced by the colors of Leonardo Paciarotti, that using the most lightweight of the tablets, it infuses vitality to the individual scenes.

Paul Jenkins has stated that temporarily Alters ends here. Surely it is not the end of the story of the Chalice, that in the last pages of the book decides to make an important choice that will have major repercussions on its future.

We hope to be able to immerse yourself early in the world of the Alters, perhaps reading a story capable of enhancing the potential of “alternative” and “freak” of a comic book capable of making the diversity of the real superpowers.

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