Alternatives to TNT Village

Published on Feb 14, 2018

TNT Village is one of the most popular portals for torrent of the Italian Web, it is a Web community that has a special mission, make it available for free to all the fruits of human culture. In essence, the founders and the community are fighting against the current copyright law they consider anachronistic and restrictive.

In fact, the structure is very different compared to that of portals such as The Black Pirate and The Pirate Bay, just because TNT is a forum where users contribute by uploading and sharing material.

We have already dedicated an appreciated depth to TNT Village: about his mission, about the limitations recently introduced (in the face of the too much traffic), and how to access.

In this article, instead, we will discuss the main alternatives to TNT Village, of all those portals that index and provide access to a good number of torrent Italian.

Here are a couple of portals that can not miss among your bookmarks, especially if you look for often torrent in our language:

If the sites were not accessible may be blocked by your provider, around the block is simple: just change the DNS and set those to Google.

If the portals above were not enough, you can find the torrent in Italian, even on the torrent sites international. To find material on these portals, in the study, we will write “eng” (without the quotes) before or after the name of each content to search for.

Some of the best international portals to find torrents are:

Please note that the use of these portals does not constitute a crime in itself. But violated the law, then you risk penalties only if you download and share (using torrent the two things coincide) material covered by copyright.

Our focus on best alternatives to TNT Village it is concluded, let us know with a comment if you have found any other portal with torrent Italian, worthy to be mentioned.


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